Manufacturing company PPG’s diversity & inclusion commitment

The chemical manufacturing company PPG has provided updates on ESG strategy & progress, in its diversity, equity & inclusion report

Chemical manufacturer PPG has declared fresh commitments to employee diversity, equity and inclusion (DE & I) in its new report

The company works across the construction, industrial and transportation markets and is known for its paints, coatings and materials. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, the company operates in over 75 countries, with a revenue of US$16.8bn.


Accountability and transparency at PPG

Highlights of PPG’s 2021 DE & I achievements include:

  • Driving transparency and accountability with a biannual DE & I scorecard 
  • Starting a network of senior leaders who serve as DE & I ambassadors and building a team of DE & I professionals
  • Launching a pilot programme in the U.S. using labour market data to build diverse candidate slates for recruitment
  • Expanding benefits in the U.S. to meet the diverse needs of employees

By 2025, PPG has committed to more DE & I goals:

  • Achieve more than 34% representation of female employees globally 
  • Increase Black, Latinx and Asian employees by more than 45% 
  • Achieve total global employee resource network (ERN) and DE & I capability-building participation of 50%


Diversity and inclusion progress

PPG knows that diverse teams perform better. 

“Unveiling our DE&I commitments and sharing our progress demonstrates our focus on supporting historically underrepresented populations with our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and other stakeholders,” said Michael H. McGarry, PPG chairman and chief executive officer. “We have been on a journey to create a culture that helps all employees feel a sense of belonging at PPG. While we have made consistent progress over the years, we know we have much more work to do. We are committed to doing better today than yesterday in our DE & I progress.”

PPG has been publicly recognised for its DE & I efforts by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Forbes’ America’s Best Large Employers and Best Places to Work for Women and Best Employers for Women lists.


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