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Renault Türkiye, SAHA İstanbul, İGSAŞ, Istanbul Shipyard, Citroën Türkiye & İstanbul Eczacılar Kooperatifi are our Top 10 Turkish manufacturers

In the early hours of 6th February, 2023, the border of Turkey and Syria was struck by a 7.8 earthquake, affecting both countries. The fiercest for 100 years, up to 40,000 people have lost their lives so far. 

Just a week or so later, a smaller earthquake – measuring between 6.2 and 6.4 on the Richter Scale – struck in a similar spot, followed by a slew of powerful aftershocks that compounded the destruction.

The sheer scale of devastation will cause conflicting and ongoing supply chain disruptions to pile atop one another due to damaged ports, bridges, and roads across Turkey, with manufacturing companies similarly impacted. Supplies such as food, water, and other aid have already been difficult to deliver to areas in both Turkey and Syria, with debris blocking roads and many other buildings on the cusp of collapse.

Turkey’s manufacturing sector includes that of vehicles, responsible for 15.2% of Turkey’s total exports and totalling US$23.9bn of the country’s revenue. So here, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 manufacturing companies in Turkey – and wishing them a quick recovery.

10. BLOK MODA | Ready Wear Textile and Fashion Manufacturing 


50 employees

Co-Founder: Ergin Aydin

Leading apparel manufacturer Blok Moda creates and exports ladies knitwear, providing customers with their technical expertise and top quality products, using their own collections to put together on-trend pieces. The company has invested in high-standard technology and has a minimum production capacity of 200k pieces each month.

Regularly seen at fashion and fabric fairs around the world, Blok Moda’s creative team reviews domestic and international fabrics, patterns, and accessories to help them create the trendiest design for loyal customers.

Most recently, the company has been looking for ways to make sure their garments have the highest sustainability standards. 


Twitter: @BlokModa


9. TIPMED Medical Device Manufacturing Company


50 employees

Assistant General Manager: Sedat Coşkun

Medical products manufacturer Tipmed was founded in 2001 and operates with the belief that, in their service, there is no limitation on quality or time. The company specialises in surgical instruments used in orthopaedics, traumatology, and neurochirurgie, such as straight or angled implants, joint prostheses, and external fixators, as well as screws for the spine and cervical plate. Tipmed exports across 25 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Despite having a small team, Tipmed’s employees have decades of experience working across the sector, doing so with an air of ambition. “Our most important goal is to make medicine as a global company and brand by contributing to human health,” said Planning Manager Sedat Coşkun. 

LinkedIn: TIPMED Medical Device Manufacturing Company



Kocaeli, Çayırova

110 Employees

General Manager: Kenan Kaptan

Revenue: US$28mn

Bando Belt Manufacturing was founded in 2003 and is based in the Gebze Organised Industrial Zone (GOSB), covering 20,000sqm with 110 dedicated employees. The Bando Belt Manufacturing plant is responsible for industrial and automotive power transmission belts, as well as classic V-Belts, cogged V-belts, and automotive belts.

In the Turkish market, Bando Belt Manufacturing is especially focused on manufacturing items for the automotive sector, especially Toyota, Turk Tractor, and Erkunt Tractor. The company also works in partnership with other manufacturers and distributor companies, exporting products all across the world – including the USA, Germany, Spain and Japan.



7. DNA Kalip Die Engineering

Bursa, Nilufer

50 employees

Co-founder: Erkan Aybaraz

Motor vehicle manufacturer DNA Kalip Die Engineering was founded in 2013 and has a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, all of whom plan and commission a range of services: 2D and 3D milling, morphing, simulation of both outer and inner panels, full-cycle simulation, and CAD development for BIW parts. In addition, the company offers feasibility analysis, project management, buy-off activities, and virtual spotting. 

DNA Kalip Die Engineering has worked across a number of industries, including defence and aerospace, with experience in the automotive sector with Toyota, Ford, Renault, and Fiat. 

LinkedIn: DNA Kalip Die Engineering - Manufacturing

Twitter: @dnakalip

DNA Kalip

6. İstanbul Eczacılar Kooperatifi

Bahçelievler, İstanbul

300 employees

General manager: Levent Üzün

Revenue $50mn

Back in the 1970s, pharmaceutical distribution was a chaotic business and in 1989, Istanbul Eczacılar Kooperatifi was founded to bring order to the production, supply, and distribution of pharmaceuticals. 

Following the February earthquake, the company announced the tragic deaths of some of its employees. “We are deeply saddened by our pharmacist partners that we lost, along with tens of thousands of our citizens.”

But now more than ever, Turkey needs its healthcare workers to have access to medicine and equipment to support the survivors, as well as those who rely on life-saving medication in their everyday lives. İstanbul Eczacılar Kooperatifi will meet the challenge. 

LinkedIn: Istanbul Eczacılar Kooperatifi

Twitter: @isteczakoop

Instanbul Ecza Koop

5. Citroën Türkiye


1000 employees

CEO: Selen Alkım

Revenue: US$144mn

At Citroën Türkiye, creativity and technology write the rules, alongside the values of environmental awareness and innovation. The company was recently recognised as the ‘Most Reputable Passenger Automotive Brand of the Year’ at The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards, hosted by Marketing Turkey. 

“We are experiencing the justified happiness of achieving the success of being the most reputable automotive brand of the year for two years in a row,” said Selen Alkım, Citroën Turkey General Manager. 

Following the earthquake, Citroen Turkey released a statement: “We are assisting aid efforts in coordination with AFAD and local government units. We are deeply saddened by those who lost their lives, loved ones, or homes in the earthquake.”

LinkedIn: Citroën Türkiye

Twitter: @CitroenTurkiye

Citroën Türkiye

4. Istanbul Shipyard


200 employees

General Manager: Ilhan K

Revenue: US$2bn 

Istanbul Shipyard is Turkey’s leading shipbuilding company, responsible for the manufacturing of naval and offshore vessels, as well as boats for more commercial use. It is a subsidiary of SNR Holding and has an annual steel processing capacity of 13.2 tonnes across its five slipways, where projects are followed to international standards.

Istanbul Shipyard is working with a sustainable future in mind, but is also working to improve the experience of employees across their activities. The company aims to be an example of the best occupational health and safety standards, while ensuring employees are kept safe from accidents.

LinkedIn: Istanbul Shipyard


Instanbul Shipyard

3. İGSAŞ İstanbul Gübre Sanayii A.Ş. 

Kocaeli, İzmit

700 employees

General Manager: Turan Tok 

Established in 1971, chemical manufacturing company Istanbul Fertilizer Industry Inc. supplies more than 20% of the fertiliser used in Turkey, with four production facilities. IGSAS has been one of the leading players in the fertiliser industry, supporting the Turkish agriculture industry as a member of the Yıldızlar Investment Holding. 

IGSAŞ utilises smart and digital agricultural applications in addition to integrated SAP software into all business processes.

Following the earthquake, the company released a message of support. “We hope for a speedy recovery. With the cooperation of the local government and aid organisations, we hope to heal the wounds and meet the needs of our country.”

LinkedIn: İGSAŞ İstanbul Gübre Sanayii A.Ş.

Twitter: @igsas_


2. SAHA İstanbul

İstanbul, Pendik

10,000 employees

CEO: Zafer SEN

Revenue: US$10mn

Defence and space manufacturing company SAHA Istanbul was founded in 2015 with the ambition to enable efficient communication across defence and aerospace companies in Turkey. The company is also driven to guide other small businesses through the accreditation process that permit entry into the sectors.

SAHA Istanbul’s ultimate vision is to uphold Turkey’s defence, aviation, and space industry, and help represent the country on the world stage.

SAHA Istanbul has grown rapidly by recruiting a variety of skilled professionals from all regions of Turkey, becoming the largest cluster in the European Aviation Clusters Union.

LinkedIn: SAHA İstanbul

Twitter: @sahaistanbul

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1. Renault Türkiye


1000 employees

CEO: Jan Ptacek

Revenue: €3.3bn

Established in 1899, Renault has become a global giant in the automobile world, worth US$29bn. The company entered the Turkish market in 1969 and, by 2021, Oyak Renault had become Turkey’s seventh largest exporter with US$2bn in export revenues, totalling a 1% share of Turkey’s exports.

Jan Ptacek, who has held various senior management positions within the Renault Group for 25 years, was recently appointed as the CEO of the company.

Ptacek has been at the Renault Group for more than 25 years, working in managerial positions across group sales and marketing in France, Czechia, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia – the latter being where he served as Renault Russia General Manager from 2019-2022, until the company halted manufacture following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

LinkedIn: Renault Türkiye

Twitter: @RenaultTurkey

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