Lumus & SCHOTT Forge Ahead with AR Glasses Partnership

David Goldman, VP of Marketing at Lumus, Tells us About the Partnership with SCHOTT & Revolutionising Manufacturing with Augmented Reality Glasses

In order to meet the rising demand for optical augmented reality (AR) glasses, electronics manufacturer Lumus is expanding its partnership with SCHOTT.

Lumus manufactures reflective waveguide technology for eyewear, while SCHOTT manufactures high-tech materials for specialty glass. In order to support this partnership, SCHOTT will increase its manufacturing footprint in Penang, Malaysia, at the Advanced Optics Hub, which employs 1,000 glassmakers.

How Augmented Reality glasses are used in manufacturing 

Augmented Reality glasses are used in manufacturing in a range of ways. During maintenance work, AR glasses provide manufacturers with real-time, hands-free visual guidance during assembly which improve accuracy. 

AR glasses can also be used to train new workers, or help staff learn how to manage new equipment, without letting employees handle unfamiliar tools that are expensive or dangerous.

During quality control, AR can be used to spot defects and the glasses can be used by staff in one factory, to observe another site.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE use augmented reality systems in their work to develop solutions for Airbus

Volkswagen and Microsoft are using augmented reality glasses to help drivers to get better quality traffic information, details on the local weather conditions and architectural highlights on their drive.

In the second phase of the Lumus-SCHOTT partnership, the two focused on developing equipment for industrial manufacturers. The engine of this processing platform is Lumus’s new Z-lens reflective waveguide architecture, which meets the customer demand.

Manufacturers at the Advanced Optics Hub will support all phases of product development in consumer electronics, including proof-of-concept prototype development, engineering samples and mass-market scale manufacturing.

Empowering the Future with Mass Production of Next-Gen AR Glasses

As market demand for waveguide technology continues to grow, David Goldman, VP of Marketing at Lumus, is excited to see where it will lead. 

“We’re fortunate to be expanding our partnership with SCHOTT to meet the needs of mass-production – a crucial development that takes us one step closer to the highly anticipated mass-adoption of AR glasses and technology in everyday life," said Goldman. 

“In early 2019, Lumus and SCHOTT began a strategic partnership with the goal of enabling cost-effective, mass-scale manufacturing of the reflective waveguides featured in our Lumus 2D Maximus architecture,” added Ari Grobman, Lumus CEO. “Now, SCHOTT is processing waveguides for our next-generation Z-Lens waveguide architecture that enables us to develop even smaller, lighter AR eyeglasses with high-resolution image quality, outdoor-compatible brightness, and seamless Rx integration. The success of our partnership is helping to make high quality optical AR glasses a practical reality for the mass market.”


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