Top 10: Manufacturing Schools

Top 10 manufacturing schools that are shaping the future of manufacturing, from MIT to Georgia Tech, Cambridge to ETH Zurich, Delft University to NUS

10. Georgia Institute of Technology


Programmes: Master of Science in Manufacturing Leadership.

Also known as ‘Georgia Tech’ the university is best known for its high-quality engineering and technology studies. The school also offers degrees in business, computing, design and engineering as well as liberal arts. 

The Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded a US$65m grant from the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to strengthen AI and manufacturing innovations.


9. Technical University of Munich (TUM)


Programmes: Master's in Mechanical Engineering 

The 48,000 students at TUM research ‘the origins of life, matter and the universe’ and investigate solutions to the biggest challenges in our society. TUM university emphasises practical training and research in engineering. Subjects taught at the University include Brewing and Beverage Technology, Chemical Engineering, Green Electronics and Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering. 


8. ETH Zurich


Programmes: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich is a bedrock of engineering genius which offers students an environment where they can learn alongside the Swiss values of entrepreneurship and open-minded thinking. For example, ETH Zurich’s CAS programme in Applied Manufacturing Technology provides a targeted education in the design and manufacture of engineered products, while the university also runs events aimed at educating students and the wider public on contemporary topics - the ‘AI in Manufacturing summit’ took place in January. 


7. National University of Singapore (NUS)


Programmes: Master of Science in Precision Engineering.

At NUS, the school is on a mission to nurture its students and to be able to provide leadership and innovative solutions to technological challenges, for the benefit of society.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is characterised by excellence in education, research and innovation for a changing world. NUS offers undergraduate and graduate programmes which allow students to specialise in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial and Systems Engineering. 


6. University of California, Berkeley


Programmes: Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

The UC Berkeley College of Engineering pursues research and technology innovation and offers a range of courses for undergraduate, masters, Ph.D. students.

Courses include Green Design and Manufacturing, Consortium, a research group and an industry partnership focused on environmentally-conscious design and manufacturing. The Manufacturing and Sustainability Laboratory analyses and improves manufacturing processes and the development of tools to analyse sustainability. 


5. Cranfield University


Programmes: MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Cranfield University has facilities such as ‘clean rooms’, high temperature coatings and materials characterisation facilities and composite manufacturing and impact testing facilities. Its welding laboratory includes robotic, automated and advanced arc welding equipment, as well as tools such as high powered laser systems for students to learn from. There are also virtual and augmented reality facilities for students to test their inventions.


4. University of Michigan


Programmes: Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering.

The University of Michigan's College of Engineering offers programmes in mechanical engineering, industrial and operations, material science and more. One Master’s programme, Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering, has matched its curriculum with the new business realities of the global automotive sector. It offers global content and integrates core elements of automotive design and manufacturing innovation. 


3. Delft University of Technology

The Netherlands

Programmes: MSc in Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands teaches technological development, engineering and research in applied sciences. The Materials and Manufacturing course is suitable for those interested in developing advanced manufacturing technologies for aerospace applications.


2. University of Cambridge


Programmes: MPhil in Industrial Systems

Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is a legendary institute of learning, which has produced many great scientists. Inventions made at the University of Cambridge include IVF, webcams and the rules of football.

Research within the Manufacturing and Management Division, also known as the Institute for Manufacturing or just ‘The IfM’, focuses on modern challenges facing the manufacturing world. The IfM’s research activities are carried out in partnership both with the British government and with industries across the world.


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Programmes: Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Design.

Founded in 1861 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university dedicated to ‘the advancement of knowledge’ through the study of science and technology. 

Its MEng degree is a launchpad for graduates to become manufacturing leaders in established manufacturing firms in the future. Recent graduates have gone on to work in semiconductor process engineering, new product introduction and factory management as well as supply chain design. 



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