Smart Manufacturing Articles

Releaf’s smart food factories & the supply chain

Releaf CTO Uzoma Ayogu discusses the global food chain, smart food factories and recognising the productivity of the people in your supply chain

Digital manufacturing solutions & the future of productivity

Greg Moyle, Head of Energy & Discrete Manufacturing for SAP UKI, on how digital manufacturing solutions are defining the future of productivity and output

Smart manufacturing and digital determination with iBASEt

Evan Sloss, iBASEt’s EMEA Director, on smart manufacturing, surviving supply chain crises and being ‘digitally determined, not digitally distraught’

COVID-19 recovery: smart manufacturing & smart factories

After Deloitte opened The Smart Factory @ Wichita with support from SAP, Siemens & Wichita State University, smart manufacturing is soaring in the city

News roundup: smart manufacturing, R&D & supply chains

This week in Manufacturing Digital, we looked at reshoring, strengthening supply chains, smart manufacturing and Research and Development

Q&A with Ginni Lisk of SaaS manufacturer ScreenCloud

Ginni Lisk is the VP of People Strategy for SaaS company ScreenCloud. Lisk discusses connecting the back office to the manufacturing floor

Disruptive Technologies: smart cities, sustainability & IoT

Pippa Boothman, Disruptive Technologies, on how smart sensors make cities sustainable and more efficient and why cities need to invest in smart technology

Rockwell Automation: Smart Manufacturing growing in Asia

Research from Plex Systems, a Rockwell Automation company shows that businesses across the Asia-Pacific say smart manufacturing is vital for future success