Smart Manufacturing Articles

The complications of 3D printing in the energy industry

Andrew Docherty and Dan Sizer from leading IP and trademarks firm Marks & Clerk, on the overlooked complications of 3D printing in the energy industry

One in five manufacturing staff hit by cybersecurity attack

Impero’s Sam Heiney says that manufacturing employers must give staff better cybersecurity training, as the sector was the most-attacked in 2021

mpro5 on how IoT & real-time data can fill job vacancies

Toby Hawkins, Sales Director at mpro5, explains why the Internet of Things, adaptive software & real-time data can help fill job vacancies

Boliden: Additive manufacturing on the rise is ‘exciting’

Additive manufacturing is more sustainable & energy efficient than traditional processes, but many don’t understand what it is or what the benefits are

The path to sustainability with digital transformation

Jason Chester, Global Channel Programs Director at InfinityQS, says digital transformation within manufacturing can accelerate the route to sustainability

Ericsson is excited to use 5G in manufacturing move

From Wifi to Internet of Things, 5G is advancing life across the world with improved connectivity. IT company Ericsson explains how & what’s next

‘Industrial IoT Company of the Year’ goes to Emerson

Industrial software company Emerson named ‘Industrial IoT Company of the Year’, for its innovative automation & software

Schaeffler wins Smart Technology Innovation award

Schaeffler’s preload measurement system, PREMESY, has been awarded Smart Technology Innovation of the Year, at the Wind Future Award 2021