Audi: harnessing virtual 3D worlds for workplace learning

By Georgia Wilson
Automotive manufacturer - Audi - has developed a virtual 3D world for workplace learning and collaboration...

With the current global challenges facing organisations, virtual services have become more critical than ever before. “However, it is often the case that this happens at the expense of social interaction: meetings can easily seem impersonal, and participants’ levels of concentration decline over time,” comments Audi.

However with its newly developed - Audi Spaces - employees can harness the virtual 3D world for learning and work via their computers. Audi explains that the tool can be used for learning, training, coaching, consulting, digital collaboration and communication.

Everything you need to know about Audi Spaces


Audi Spaces interactive 3D world copies the real working environment creating environments for media and social interactions in real time.

“With Audi spaces we are using the opportunities presented by digitalisation and providing employees with a tool that supports them in a world of work that is highly dynamic and is becoming more and more complex. The tool enhances the collaboration of teams across the boundaries of departments and countries. In this way we are making a contribution to the digital transformation of Audi,” commented Sabine Maassen, Audi Board Member for Human Resources.

Audi Spaces is said to be suitable for multiple applications and diverse groups. The technology has been described as a more relaxed and less tiring space for colleges to collaborate compared to video conferences, reinforcing the community feeling. 

In addition to collaboration and communication, Audi Spaces is said to open up new training opportunities, enabling space for meeting as well as access to conceptually and methodically planned training courses from the Audi Akademie. 

“Thanks to its integration into our existing IT and media landscape, Audi spaces can be used by all employees worldwide and also by external partners, and can be extended for new target groups in the long term. We, the project team, are delighted that the tool has become more and more popular since its roll-out and that new application scenarios are added every day. More than 4,000 Audi employees now take advantage of the new possibilities for virtual collaboration in some 200 events per month. By doing so, they also contribute to the further development of the tool,” explains Patrick Zöbisch, project manager for Audi spaces.

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