Celonis Webinar: Improving Process Execution

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Process mining - the last decade has seen this technology climb through the ranks to be a powerful source of insights into complex business processes. 

Providing a visualisation and analysis of processes, process mining gathers data generated at workstations to get an overview of the production path. In doing this an organisation can filter the data for specific sections of the production path, providing the capability to analyse and understand the process in greater detail.

By opening manufacturers’ eyes to this technology has allowed organisations to identify and remediate process inefficiencies.

Execution Management, the Logical Evolution 

Enabling companies to not only identify and remediate process gaps, execution management allows manufacturers to execute operations in a smarter way. 

Celonis’s Execution Management System (EMS) takes process automation to the next level. The system helps businesses maximise their execution capacity across the entire enterprise based on a thorough understanding of actual process flows and gaps. 

Measure, Know, Act

Celonis’s EMS leverages process mining technology to extract data in real time to identify and visualise the execution gaps that are limiting capacity.

The system offers the right course of action to close the gap, based on machine learning and execution best practices, and then takes action by automating real time actions across systems and deploys the right people to remove gaps.

Execution Capacity is a Mindset Change

When it comes to thinking in terms of execution capacity, Celonis states that this is a mindset change that goes beyond tweaking existing business processes - this is an overhaul for maximum possible delivery capacity. 

“Be it how many invoices are efficiently processed, how working capital can be optimised or how many customers queries you can resolve in a day; only by thinking in terms of your maximum capacity can your business truly fire on all cylinders and out-execute the competition.”

Improving Process Execution

Discussing the topic further, executives from Celonis - a global leader in execution management - will be speaking at its ‘Improving Process Execution’ webinar at 4:00 PM (UK Time) Wednesday, September 22, 2021.


During the webinar, Celonis will discuss:

  • Execution Management and how you can leverage its insights for proactive alerting, intelligent automation and simulation.
  • Methodologies to frame and sustain value such as value trees, Masterplans and Centers of Excellence which serves as an internal accelerator to drive process transformation.
  • Real-life case studies of companies using execution management to maximize their execution capacity and achieve breakthrough performance.

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