Laserax releases LXQ Fiber Laser Marker series post COVID-19

By Sean Galea-Pace
After two years of development, Laserax has released the LXQ Fiber Laser Marker series that redefines how easy and accessible laser system integration i...

The laser’s features are not only aimed at reducing integration time and cost, but also at facilitating collaboration between system integrators and laser experts—a key factor for quick and easy laser integration.

In a bid to break the barriers of laser expertise, the system has a remote connection capability that can grant control of the system to a Laserax expert or partner anywhere in the world. Relying on a secure cloud VPN, this allows laser experts to better support integrators and end-users through remote services such as installation, training, after-sales support and live demos.


 “In the aftermath of COVID-19, our capacity to provide support regardless of physical barriers will be ever more important,” commented Xavier Godmaire, President. “We will be able to do this through remote support and with a local presence ensured by system integrators and partners. The LXQ Series will foster close partnerships between Laserax and integrators. It will make their lives easier by bringing our laser expertise to them, regardless of where they are.”

There have been several features developed to make system integration more straightforward. These are: a web-based HMI that can be displayed in any web browser for a quick control of the laser without programming. This is in addition to the system’s interfacing through most standard industrial protocols, while also fully configured peripherals are ready to be used. Among them, a Cognex camera for barcode validation, an air-knife for lens protection, and 3D-Autofocus sensors for automatic adjustments.

Apart from laser marking, LXQ fiber lasers can treat any metal surface with laser cleaning, laser texturing, and laser hardening. This is a game changer for system integrators who no longer need to go to one supplier for laser marking, and another one for laser cleaning. They can integrate the same laser regardless of the application.

About Laserax

Laserax was founded in 2010 by two laser physicists with the desire to provide the manufacturing industry with cutting edge laser solutions. The organisation's goal has always been to supply laser solutions that combine industrial performance, safety, and reliability.

With the unmatched performances Laserax brings to its clients, the organisation is rapidly growing and take great pride in serving manufacturers in more than 20 countries with 54 partners around the globe. Today, an increasing number of the largest smelters and automotive manufacturers in the world rely on Laserax for its laser applications.


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