EquipNet, 3S Circular & Manufacturing’s Circular Economy

Credit: Getty | EquipNet manages industrial assets in various stages to follow a circular economy
Joining 3S Circular, EquipNet furthers is asset management business—enabling effective resource utilisation and circular economy of manufacturing equipment

The surplus asset management business EquipNet is a global leader in effective resource utilisation—a critical stakeholder in the efficiency of healthcare, food and beverage, electronics, and industrial supply chains. 

The company is recognised as one of the leading providers for the industrial sector, and a key organisation for optimising resources and to not only impact finances but also the sustainable operation of businesses. With many clients from the Fortune 500, EquipNet improves efficiency and corporate image in compliance with rigorous safety standards. 

EquipNet recognises the importance of the circular economy, which is why the most recent news from the business is so important in its sustainability journey, and likewise that of its clients. Having joined 3S Circular, an umbrella network for companies to leverage crowd-sourcing circular economy services, the company expands its reach to support more clients in the industrial field. 

Roger Gallo, CEO of EquipNet Inc, says: “All of the companies on 3S Circular provide very specific sustainability solutions to a global manufacturing market, so EquipNet’s participation makes perfect sense.”

EquipNet joins the 3S Circular Network

EquipNet reaches industries globally to enable circular economy in manufacturing

Working across 25 locations across the globe, EquipNet works with more than 37,700 qualified buyers conducting business in 170+ countries. As part of the 3S Circular network, the company will help more organisations to facilitate worldwide sustainable growth, by allowing them to close the loop of their production equipment. 

In doing so, EquipNet allows manufacturers to tap into further benefits of the circular economy, such as shortening lead times on high-demand materials and products—leveraging efficient methods in production also support this—as well as reduce waste and, in turn, greater financial benefits from leaner use of materials. All of this is necessary in fast-paced industries and is achieved through its services: 

  • Expert appraisals and valuations of asset inventory for mergers and acquisitions, taxes, and facility closures 
  • Asset redeployment—allowing clients to proactively track and redeploy inactive machinery
  • Auctioning of manufacturing equipment 
  • Securing data from old equipment or surplus devices, such as laptops, phones, computers and servers 
  • Protection of expensive equipment and reduction of shipping costs 
  • Management of industrial site closures and removal or repurposing of infrastructure 

3S Circular adheres to UN Sustainable Development Goals 

There are five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that highlight the areas of focus for 3S Circular: 

  • Goal 3 - Good health and well-being
  • Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth 
  • Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals 

These five goals are what drive the organisation, which strategically align with the goals of EquipNet—now a registered partner alongside B&R Compliance Associates, OccuMed, Spectrum Carbonics, United Alliance, and United Safety.

“The notion of The Circular Economy is becoming vague, and its impact is in danger of becoming diluted,” says Ben Potenza, VP of Sales & Marketing and a Managing Director at EquipNet Inc. 

“3SCircular and the associated companies in this network strive to provide very specific,

measurable services that contribute to having companies hit their sustainability goals. This

approach to the circular economy is not a panacea. Instead, we provide realistic day-to-day

solutions in areas that affect companies’ safety, efficiency, and financial returns.”


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