Jabil: Insights on Sustainable Manufacturing Progress Report

Linda Weber, Global Sustainability Engagement Manager at Jabil, discusses the results of Jabil's 2023 Sustainability Progress Report

Jabil has released its 2023 Sustainability Progress Report, reviewing its progress in its five-year sustainability goals. The report highlights Jabil’s reduction of operational greenhouse gas emissions, its use of renewable energy and how to embrace the circular economy.

Jabil is a manufacturing solutions provider with more than 250,000 employees in 30 countries. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in St Petersburg, Florida. Jabil aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2045, a goal it is on track to meet, according to its annual reports.

Jabil's sustainability goals and 2023 Progress

Jabil's sustainability goals fall under three foundational pillars: People & Communities, Operations & Resources and Innovative Solutions.

“Our sustainability goals are intrinsically tied with those of our customers, many of whom are the world's leading brands,” says Kenny Wilson, Jabil CEO. “In recognition of this shared objective, an integral part of our mission is to partner with and offer them our support as they strive to achieve their own sustainability goals.”

For each goal, Jabil sets measurable KPIs and monitors their progress using data-driven dashboards. 

For the 2023 report, results showed:

People & Communities

  • 21% leadership positions (defined as Director level or above) are held by women, with a 25% target by 2026. 
  • There are now 25 established programmes for persons with disabilities, with a target for 40 by 2026. 
  • In regards to employee health and wellbeing, 41% of managers are trained on mental health resilience, with a target for 90% by 2026. 

Operations & Resources

  • 100% of sites now have management-approved water conservation plans
  • 5% of applicable sites globally have achieved 90% landfill diversion - with a goal to hit 20% of sites by 2026.

Innovative Solutions

  • By 2026, Jabil aims to have ten totally circular economy projects partnerships engaged - it currently has nine.

Advancing sustainability in manufacturing at Jabil

Linda Weber, Global Sustainability Engagement Manager at Jabil, told us how she felt the sustainability report would impact the manufacturing sector. 

“Across industries, companies are recognising sustainability as a strategic imperative to their bottom-line success and are integrating it into their business plans,” she said. “Transparently reporting our ESG progress enables Jabil to share our sustainability performance.” 

Linda points out that this also reveals potential opportunities for Jabil and its partners to better collaborate on innovative solutions in manufacturing, supply chain and engineering, which would positively impact the achievement of broader sustainability ambitions.

“Sharing our sustainability best practices across Jabil’s global sites and with our customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders also helps accelerate efforts like carbon neutrality and circular economies in the manufacturing industry at large,” she says. “Our ESG strategy is detailed in Jabil’s FY23 Sustainability Progress Report. The data within undergoes an internal review; much of it is also externally verified, as indicated in the third-party assurance report.

“For companies in the manufacturing industry and beyond, this approach of setting sustainability targets, making them public and working to achieve them in collaboration with stakeholders clears a path to responsible economic growth, value creation, and long-term business resilience.”


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