Freshworks: intelligent business software to drive value

By Georgia Wilson
“Refreshing business software that your teams will love.” Manufacturing Global takes a look at how Freshworks’ intelligent business software drive...

“Refreshing business software that your teams will love.” Manufacturing Global takes a look at how Freshworks’ intelligent business software drives value.

Established in 2010, Freshworks believes businesses deserve better when it comes to software. “Most people hate the software they use at work. Business software is clunky, expensive, hard to set up and frustrating to use,” says Freshworks. 

At Freshworks the company's promise is to provide organisations with software that is ready to go, easy to use, easy to set up and requires minimal customisation. “All of our products live up to this promise and are backed by our world-class support.”

Currently Freshworks delivers on its promise to 150,000 companies including Cisco, Honda, Toshiba, Unicef, DHL and Dyson.

Driving business value in the manufacturing industry

Freshworks 360

“The ultimate customer-for-life software suite.”  Freshworks 360 provides an integrated platform for its users to engage with customers throughout their journey. The platform provides seamless sales, support, marketing and collaboration capabilities.


Enhance your sales force with Freshworks’ FreshSales CRM platform. FreshSales harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) based lead scoring, phone, email and activity capture capabilities to name a few.

FreshSales provides a built in phone and email platform for organisations to optimise conversations, as well as having a dedicated section to better manage the sales pipeline and find the best leads.


FreshRelease, providing agile project management software for organisations. FreshRealse provides a single point of contact for its users to manage and track projects, collaborate, deliver predictive insights and integrate with other tools. 

Features of FreshRelease include: intuitive UI, a single tool and analytical capabilities.

Freshworks Analytics

Freshworks Analytics provides informative insights across the entire customer lifecycle to make business critical decisions.

With Freshworks Analytics users can also build custom reports for customer requirements, with a simple platform that requires no coding, querying, maths or training. 


For modern IT and business functions that are easy to use and configure, FreshService provides a cloud based solution to increase productivity, automate internal processes, improve employee experience, get the most out of CMDBs and manage KPIs.


FreshTeam, providing smart HR software for users looking to grow their business. 

With FreshTeam, organisations can track applications, manage onboarding, manage and maintain all employee data, and manage employee holidays.

To discover the full range of Freshworks products, click here!


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