Prodrive Ltd chooses MX as its data exchange platform

By Nell Walker
Majenta Solutions is pleased to announce that Prodrive Ltd, a world leading motorsport and technology business based in the United Kingdom, has chosen M...

Majenta Solutions is pleased to announce that Prodrive Ltd, a world leading motorsport and technology business based in the United Kingdom, has chosen MX as its data exchange platform. After exploring the market for a data exchange provider that would meet its needs, Prodrive has taken out Majenta’s MX 100 plan. This is Majenta’s best-value package, which will provide up to 100 users with the facility to send and receive an unlimited number of files in a highly secure environment.

There are a number of reasons why Prodrive chose to work with MX. Prodrive carefully researched the market before concluding that MX would be the most suitable data exchange provider for their needs. Prodrive had a strict set of demands that they required from their secure data portal and, as part of the research process, took out a free trial of MX, which allowed them access to the full version for 30 days.

“The system was extremely easy to use,” said Enrique Goddard, Support Specialist of Prodrive. The dashboard documenting recent activity was popular with users at Prodrive, which had a “good look and feel,” he added. The cost of MX also had a bearing on Prodrive's choice. Compared with the competition, Prodrive feels that MX is the best value for money, as it is "much more in line" with their current budget. Moreover, Prodrive is pleased with the levels of customer service provided by Majenta, whose support team are based in the UK. During their trial of MX, Prodrive found that any minor on-boarding questions were "resolved quickly and efficiently" and as two of Prodrive's customers already use MX as their trusted data exchange provider, they were confident that MX would provide an excellent level of service.

Majenta’s Technical Account Manager, Wes Whitmore, stated: “We are thrilled to have Prodrive on board, as we felt that it really share our passion and vision for MX”. Wes adds, “Prodrive was looking to replace its incumbent tool due to the down-time seen during upgrades, as well as concerns over the future of the tool”. He goes on to say, “Prodrive had good prior experience of MX via Aston Martin but also high expectations if they were to take it on for their own use. By working closely over the period of their detailed benchmark, we were able to quickly and efficiently show that MX was able to address any concerns raised by their existing toolset, as well as demonstrating other key user benefits of MX for secure data exchange, automatic notification and one-click reporting.”

MX is a powerful browser-based solution that enables its users to transfer large files quickly and securely. MX is already trusted by leading automotive OEMs, their suppliers and colleagues to share data across all corners of the globe, and Majenta is confident that Prodrive will greatly benefit from their exchange portal.


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