Soliant Consulting: Integrating IoT in existing applications

Wanting to integrate IoT into your existing manufacturing applications? Then look no further than Soliant Consulting

In today’s business environment, the ability to process and understand data is key to staying ahead. Lack of visibility into any given element of the manufacturing process could hinder the production flow of an entire assembly line. 

Faced with growing global disruptions (trade wars, BREXIT, COVID-19, shortages) the key for manufacturers to have resilient and flexible supply chains that withstand these challenges is end-to-end visibility. 

While the necessity of resilient supply chains is clear to manufacturers, it remains a challenge for many to achieve. Faced with siloed data, lack of collaboration, disconnected processes, and legacy systems, it can be difficult to know where to start.

So what can Soliant Consulting do to help?

Since its founding in 2004, Soliant Consulting has been providing its customers with trusted advisory services to help shape its client’s futures and make their business lives easier.

“We differentiate ourselves by focusing on your business, not just your technical requirements. We strive to understand what problems you face, how a solution should meet your business goals, what your team needs to successfully transform, and how we can have a positive impact across your organization,” says Kristy Lapidus, Soliant Consulting’s Associate Director. 

Soliant Consulting understands that the digital transformation journey varies significantly for every business. Their lean project management process, which includes a discovery phase, puts the company in a prime position to help manufacturers integrate cloud services into existing applications flexibly and at scale while mitigating the risks. 

For those in the manufacturing industry, Soliant Consulting helps leaders gain greater visibility into their operations. 

“Our team develops strategies for innovation and efficiency by leveraging existing data sets and building out new IoT data collection at critical points in the production, QA, QC, fulfilment and supply chain processes,” explained Lapidus.

Manufacturers looking to improve predictive quality control and maintenance, equipment monitoring, production times, energy use, and overall operational efficiency can benefit from Soliant Consulting’s cloud-based solutions that collect, aggregate, analyse, and serve plant floor data. 

Other benefits for manufacturers when integrating IoT include: 

  • Automated communications
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Operational visibility and transparency
  • Improved production times

“As manufacturers seek more ways to gain competitive advantage and maintain their unique value proposition, digital transformation clears a path for innovation. Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices paired with powerful cloud services can transform your business,” says Lapidus.

How does Soliant Consulting achieve these benefits for manufacturers?

Taking an agile approach, Soliant Consulting looks to implement IoT in stages, targeting specific areas to address first. 

“It is important to start small, you do not have to do the entire factory floor at once,” Lapidus indicated. 

Once the environmental characteristics and device specifications are determined, Soliant Consulting modifies off-the-shelf devices or custom designs and develops solutions to be implemented. 

“Most importantly, we focus your business requirements to deliver the data and analytics your team needs to streamline operations. Our consultants build a strategy to automate critical data collection and visualisation to allow you to make data-driven production decisions in real-time,” says Lapidus.

A good partner can help you leverage IoT to improve your bottom line.

Disclosure: This article is an advertorial and monetary payment was received from Soliant Consulting. It has gone through editorial control and passed the assessment for being informative.


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