Volkswagen: UK’s most popular car brand & to outsell Tesla

Volkswagen is the second biggest vehicle manufacturer on the planet, the most popular car brand in the UK and set to sell more EV’s than Tesla by 2024

A new study from insurance company has shown that German manufacturer Volkswagen is the UK’s most popular car brand, making up 8.92% of registered vehicles in the country.


Volkswagen vehicles are popular due to their efficiency and being less expensive to repair

Last year, Volkswagen beat Ford (a traditional British favourite) as the country’s top choice car brand. One reason behind this is because Volkswagen is easier and less expensive to maintain than other brands. With the new financial restraints caused by the pandemic, customers want a car which will work for them. 

Alex Kindred, Product Manager at, knows why Volkswagen is so popular. 

“When getting a quote for car insurance, the type of car you drive is a key consideration for insurers,” said Kindred. “This comes into play especially when looking at the cost of repairs. Typically, cars made by manufacturers with a higher production rate could be cheaper to insure. This is because parts are much easier to obtain, and therefore makes the overall repair process cheaper. If you’re looking to buy a new car, always research how much it would cost to insure, as you might find that your dream car could cost you significantly more to run.”

The study can be read in full here.

Volkswagen's EV’s may soon become more popular than Tesla, despite a shocking allegation from Brazil

Research from Bloomberg Intelligence suggests that the current EV titan Tesla will be outpaced in global sales by Volkswagen by 2024.

Even now, Volkswagen sells more electric vehicles in Europe than Tesla. The company sold 310,000 vehicles in 2021, compared to Tesla’s 170,000. 

However, this trail of success was met by a shock report from Brazil this week, suggesting that a Volkswagen subsidiary there was responsible for serious crimes.

"A Volkswagen subsidiary in Brazil is responsible for human rights violations and abhorrent crimes," said Brazilian prosecutor Rafael Garcia. "We are certain that Volkswagen will acknowledge its responsibility and that a settlement will be reached so workers of that time are compensated."

Brazilian prosecutors will hear from Volkswagen representatives and discuss the settlement for the victims and where the company goes from here.


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