Microsoft's Smart Manufacturing Innovation & PTC Partnership

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Amol Adgaonkar, Microsoft's Manufacturing & Mobility Industry Senior Director, on how PTC supports the factory floor & brings digital threads to life

Microsoft is one of the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure providers, offering solutions in productivity, business applications, gaming and more. But one thing that you might not think of right away, is that Microsoft is also a manufacturer. The company makes high tech devices, such as Surface Books, Xbox consoles and HoloLens devices. 

Amol Adgaonkar is a part of Microsoft's manufacturing and mobility industry team. He leads Microsoft’s strategy for factory solutions, helping manufacturers accelerate their digital transformations or AI journeys.

Smart manufacturing and transformative technologies from Microsoft and PTC

From a manufacturing perspective, Microsoft has four key priorities:

  • Unlocking innovation and introduce new product
  • Enable Intelligent Factories
  • Resilient manufacturing supply chains
  • Modernise manufacturing customer experience

“We primarily think in terms of transformation,” explains Adgaonkar. “It is through these four priorities that we think in terms of transforming factories for smart manufacturing and bring our technologies to a customer. Microsoft likes to infuse its technology to empower people across these areas at the same time, accelerating innovation that happens across all of them and infusing AI that goes across all of them and so on.”

AI is the ‘new thing’ that people are talking about, but it's been there for a long time and Microsoft has been using neural networks in its products & services for a very long time.

Boston-based software development company PTC is one of Microsoft’s most trusted top tier partners, especially for manufacturing. PTC’s solutions go end to end and it has everything from CAD and product design to PLM, to manufacturing to service. 

“If you look at a product lifecycle or a manufacturer's view of the entire lifecycle of their operations, PTC covers it all and covers it really well,” said Adgaonkar. “They're on almost every factory floor helping customers transform bits from product design to manufacturing. PTC is uniquely positioned in terms of bringing capabilities like a digital thread to life.”

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