Gen AI’s Impact on Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Info-Tech Research Group explores Gen AI's potential in chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing. Researcher Shreyas Shukla calls Gen AI ‘game-changing’

Info-Tech Research Group has released new research: 'Generative AI Use Case Library for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry', which reviews the power of Gen AI and its potential to transform productivity in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

The research shows that Gen AI can offer these sectors greater support in intense areas, such as supply chain optimisation and product design, as well as in material innovation and clinical trials.


Gen AI's transformative impact on chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers

The latest research from Info-Tech Research Group showcases a number of applications for Gen AI within the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, which have been designed to address industry problems and to support IT leaders in this new era.

The research highlights that, despite concerns surrounding the impacts on the workforce and data security, Gen AI brings a multitude of benefits to manufacturers.

Shreyas Shukla, Principal Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group knows that the manufacturing leaders of today want to make sense of the new realm of Gen AI, while seeking ways to stay ahead of their competition and assure the workforce.

"Gen AI is a game changer – a powerful tool and partner in innovation that can amplify human capabilities and alleviate the burden of mundane tasks, enabling a stronger focus on more strategic pursuits,” says Shukla. "Some people worry that technologies like Gen AI are accelerating humans toward a dystopian future in which machines have the power to take over the world. However, others see its transformative benefits, such as applications that can breathe new life into the manufacturing industry. For instance, Gen AI can significantly reduce the time for material discovery, leading to faster product development cycles. From product design to process optimisation, Gen AI is poised to unleash a wave of efficiency and creativity."


IBM and SAP harness the power of Gen AI for enhanced efficiency in retail

Many businesses have already embraced the power of Gen AI to make production more efficient. IBM recently announced its collaboration with SAP in order to create supply chain solutions with Gen AI, in order to support the retail sector against ongoing disruptions.

IBM will apply AI and Gen AI to process store-level assortments, which will be based on the market dynamics of each store, prior sales patterns, anticipated demand and current product mix. In doing so, preliminary planning will ensure enough products are added, to maximise sales.

"We understand the complexities that come with managing direct store delivery and by leveraging the power of AI we aim to help our customers better manage their last mile distribution more effectively, minimise waste, improve customer satisfaction and achieve business value in today's fast-paced consumer industry," said EJ Kenney, Senior Vice President Consumer Products Industry and Life Sciences Business Unit at SAP. 

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