Oracle's Gen AI is Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

Steve Miranda, EVP Applications Development at Oracle, describes how Oracle's Gen AI revolution is empowering the manufacturing sector with AI solutions

Generative AI is being used in various activities across manufacturing and other industries, reducing costs, boosting productivity and helping organisations become more competitive. Technology giants such as Oracle are facilitating this  ongoing transition, providing clients with the means to be more efficient and freeing up their people to focus on more intuitive tasks. This week saw the launch of more than 50 newly-embedded Gen AI capabilities within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite – set to help customers improve decision making and enhance the employee and customer experience. 

They include Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM), aimed at supporting unique industry and competitive needs. Steve Miranda, EVP Applications Development at Oracle, has said the company is committed to “delivering innovation that matters” to customers using its applications every day, with a goal to offer “best-in-class AI”.

Oracle: An industrial automation leader in manufacturing

From its base in Texas, Oracle offers computing infrastructure and software for customers to become more effective. Its autonomous database also helps to organise and safeguard customers’ data. Oracle offers five products: Oracle AI Apps, Oracle Data Science Platform, embedded machine learning in Oracle Cloud, Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle DataFox.

Oracle Cloud offers its customers a platform for managing its industrial automation applications, allowing businesses to utilise the benefits of automation, without investing in hardware. Oracle’s Manufacturing Execution Systems help manufacturers to control production across the shop floor and offer them real-time visibility into production and other activities. The company was included in our Top 10: Industrial Automation Software Companies and Top 10 IT & OT companies

Inside Oracle’s supply chain application

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM contains numerous features designed to transform the work of supply chain, procurement and manufacturing professionals, freeing them from mundane tasks and eliminating the prospect of human error. Among them is item description generation, helping product specialists to quickly generate standardised product descriptions that highlight SEO keywords. 

With Gen AI support for item descriptions in Oracle Product Lifecycle Management, organisations can save time, reduce errors and improve the overall quality of product descriptions to increase customer engagement and boost sales.

Meanwhile, the supplier recommendations tool helps procurement professionals quickly and efficiently add suppliers to their company’s supply chain. Gen AI-powered supplier recommendations embedded in Oracle Procurement allow organisations to use information such as product descriptions and purchase categories to identify suppliers, improve sourcing efficiency, help lower costs and reduce supplier risk.

What’s more, negotiation summaries powered by AI can help professionals rapidly generate a custom cover page summary for a specific negotiation, accelerating the process, increasing savings, reducing risk and maximising supplier outcomes. 

“We’ve been using AI in our applications for several years,” Miranda continues. “Now, we’re introducing more ways for customers to take advantage of Gen AI across the suite. With additional embedded capabilities and an expanded extensibility framework, our customers can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest advancements to help increase productivity, reduce costs, expand insights and improve the employee and customer experience.”


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