Epicor Announces AI set to Transform Manufacturing ERP

Epicor Chief Product & Technology Officer Vaibhav Vohra.
Epicor Chief Product & Technology Officer Vaibhav Vohra.
The Grow Portfolio, will be powered by a data platform tailored towards helping industries like manufacturing evolve and advance beyond traditional ERP

Epicor, a leading provider of industry-specific software solutions, announced at the Epicor Insights 2024 user conference in Nashville a new suite of integrated Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

This comes as more manufacturers are expanding their investment in AI, viewing it as a critical means to enhance productivity, efficiency and resilience. 

The suite called the Epicor Grow Portfolio, will be powered by a data platform tailored specifically towards helping industries like manufacturing evolve, expand and advance. Informed by Epicor’s aim to transform traditional ERP from a focus on recording to a focus on action, the portfolio leverages a diverse range of AI types. 

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These include natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and generative AI, all utilised to deliver more than 200 specific industry use cases. 

These cases demonstrate the Epicor Grow Portfolio’s ability to adapt to workflows and factory environments, delivering workers the accessible data-driven insights and improvements needed to drive value.

“We know the keys to realising the full power of AI revolve around two important things: applying AI to a well-defined, practical business issue, and leveraging high-quality data,” said Epicor Chief Product & Technology Officer Vaibhav Vohra.

 “Our new Epicor Grow portfolio delivers on both fronts, putting workers at the centre of the intelligence ecosystem. We’re delivering deep AI integration across real-world industry workflows – unlike ‘one size fits all’ industry-agnostic ERPs – to surface actionable insights and drive efficiencies. And we’re empowering users with a rich, industry-centric data platform and no-code tools to create purpose-built data pipelines to help solve specific challenges.”

A breakdown of the integrated portfolio and how its features can benefit manufacturers

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  • Epicor Grow Inventory Forecasting​ 

Allows manufacturers to model potential scenarios and leverage predictive analytics, improving inventory management and proactive maintenance via machine-learning forecasting engines.

  • Epicor FP&A​ 

A financial reporting feature, Epicor FP&A provides manufacturers with detailed financial analysis capabilities to accurately and easily manage finances and analyse projected venue and spending.

  • Epicor Prism™ 

Epicor Prism is a patent-pending generative AI service integrated throughout the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud. Fine-tuned to the Epicor data structure, this feature operates behind the scenes via the native Epicor ERP platform to gather surface insights and execute actions. Manufacturers receive critical data-driven insights to enhance decision-making.

Epicor Prism can also be used as a code assistant to speed up the creation of automated business processes or for conversational ERP to quickly access purchasing insights and production information without knowing file locations.

Manufacturers can also use this tool to automate supplier communications, speeding up purchasing. Users can send RFQs to their supplier network and parse and translate quotes to determine the best price and fastest delivery.

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  • Epicor Grow BI​ 

An accessible feature that displays data through metrics, dashboards and visuals without any coding needs. Manufacturers can externalise their data blueprints and get alerts, which can be paired with other BI tools for maximum flexibility. 

  • Epicor Grow AI​ 

This AI seeks to revolutionise the ERP experience, with practical, accessible and outcome-focused AI. Its capabilities include AI-driven predictive analytics, sales orders, personalised product suggestions and predictive maintenance suggestions, all of which help manufacturers streamline and enhance the quality of operations.

Manufacturers are also given accelerated access and knowledge across Epicor’s library of support and product resources, delivering AI-driven responses to users' concerns.

  • Epicor Grow Data Platform​ 

The Epicor Grow Data Platform is a full-stack, no-code data platform that allows manufacturers to manage and store enterprise data in one place. Critical insights are delivered quickly and efficiently, feeding Epicor AI and BI applications. 

This feature includes an interactive pipeline canvas that allows users to modify and move prebuilt data pipelines and even allows users to craft their own.This enables manufacturers to normalise, clean, analyse and combine the data they need, delivering a more precise output and reducing cost.

The Epicor Grow Portfolio may create new opportunities for enhancement, innovation and elevated productivity for manufacturers. Those wishing to learn more can follow Epicor Insights 2024, to see live demonstrations and receive further information about the portfolio. 

I’d recommend watching or listening to Epicor’s podcast ‘Manufacturing The Future With Kerrie Jordan’, the latest episode of which is linked above, where discussions are had about how emerging technologies can benefit manufacturers and help to tackle wider issues facing the sector.


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