Manufacturing Buyers Driven Away by B2B Webstore Headaches

B2B websites are driving manufacturing buyers away
New survey data from Sapio reveals how manufacturing buyers are experiencing inefficiencies and inaccuracies on manufacturers e-commerce websites

According to new research by Sapio, manufacturing buyers are finding suppliers' B2B web stores difficult to navigate as they go online for their procurement needs. The report, commissioned by Global B2B e-commerce provider Sana Commerce, surveyed over 1,000+ professional buyers. 

The report found that manufacturing buyers faced persistent order errors, lacklustre customer service and all-in-all, poor online experiences. This is especially troubling with the growing popularity of manufacturing buyers moving online.

Over three-quarters of them are making more than 100 online orders with daily suppliers, with 93% of these orders being repeat purchases. 

It's clear that e-commerce has major untapped potential in the manufacturing sector.

The Big Insights of Sapio's Report
  • 77% of manufacturing buyers are hesitant to make online B2B purchases due to frequent order errors
  • 71% are willing to switch suppliers for a better online experience
  • Over three-quarters of manufacturers place more than 100 online orders daily, but face significant issues with pricing, stock accuracy, and delivery details
  • Over three-quarters of manufacturers place more than 100 online orders daily, but face significant issues with pricing, stock accuracy, and delivery details
  • 97% cited order errors as a major barrier, with 77% encountering these issues often
Sebastiaan Verhaar, CEO, Sana Commerce

“In the wake of our latest B2B Buyers Report, it's become undeniably clear that the manufacturing sector's e-commerce platforms are not meeting the critical needs of their buyers,” added Sebastiaan Verhaar, CEO, of Sana Commerce. 

“As manufacturing continues to push forward with digital transformation, accuracy and precision in ecommerce solutions are not just nice-to-have features but indispensable assets.” 

The areas where manufacturers can make the biggest e-commerce changes include detailed product information, the accessibility and efficiency of their online platforms and inaccurate listings. 

The Biggest Challenges With Online Ordering
  • 25% of respondents criticised the user-unfriendliness of current web stores as a significant deterrent to increased online ordering
  • Only 33% of buyers were content with the speed, accessibility, and efficiency provided by manufacturers websites
  • More than 40% of respondents experienced frustrations surrounding limited payment options, challenges in locating desired products and stock inaccuracies
  • 97% cited order errors as a barrier to online ordering, with 77% encountering active challenges
  • 29% of respondents faced order errors in over half of their online transactions
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This data highlights the urgent need for manufacturers to invest in their ecommerce systems, to provide superior efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

Digital transformation does not solely apply to machinery and processes in the sector- it also applies to customer service. And as more customers turn to buying online, a quality e-commerce experience is a necessity, not just an asset. 

What manufacturing buyers want is clear: a reliable, efficient and detailed buying experience.

They want comprehensive product information, flexible financing options and an ordering process they can trust.

Manufacturers seeking to stay competitive and retain their customer base should rise to deliver this. 


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