Hexagon invests in Divergent Technologies digital factories

Digital reality solutions company Hexagon has invested in Divergent Technologies, the first modular digital factory in the automotive industry

Hexagon AB, a digital reality solutions company, has announced a US$100m investment in Divergent Technologies Inc., which offers sustainable manufacturing technologies and has built the first modular digital factory for the automotive industry.

Digital factory investment 

Stockholm-based IT Services and IT Consulting business Hexagon AB creates digital reality solutions, using data to increase quality and safety across the manufacturing sector.

Divergent Technologies Inc. uses 3D printing to transform the automotive industry. Its engineering prototype, Blade, is the world's first 3D printed supercar.

Divergent’s vehicle manufacturing production process, known as DAPS® (Divergent Adaptive Production System), is an integrated software and hardware solution. DAPS creates a complete modular digital factory for complex vehicle structures. 

Divergent builds lightweight automotive parts using its AI-optimised generative design software, additive manufacturing and automated assembly process.

The process uses less energy and resources, is much faster than other methods and offers a weight reduction of up to 70% - something Hexagon was interested in, in order to lower its emissions.

Manufacturing with less emissions 

“Manufacturing a car’s parts has a much greater impact on the environment than the car’s exhaust emissions, which is why new manufacturing concepts will win,” said Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO. “We must find ways to empower car makers with more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that minimise material usage and total system cost. Incremental steps are simply not enough to save the planet.”

“Having their vote of confidence in what we’ve built and our vision for the future of manufacturing brings new energy and enthusiasm to our team,” said Kevin Czinger, Divergent’s Founder and CEO. 

“Together, Hexagon and Divergent will deliver the smart manufacturing concepts of the 21st Century,” added Rollén.


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