Cognite & Microsoft Webinar: Accelerating Sustainability

Cognite and Microsoft’s upcoming Webinar deep dives into the role digital platforms play in helping manufacturers to achieve their sustainability goals

Accelerating Sustainability Through Digitalisation

As manufacturing processes equate to more than 25% of global emissions, it is vital that the industry takes a leading role in global sustainability initiatives.

Enter digital transformation.

For those looking to accelerate their sustainability through digitalisation, manufacturers should focus on adopting digital platforms and industry 4.0 capabilities to “enable operational efficiency, leverage renewable energy, practice life cycle thinking, and promote supply chain data transparency,” says the World Economic Forum.

How Digital Platforms will Accelerate Sustainability Goals for Manufacturers

June 30, 2021, Microsoft and Cognite will come together for a joint webinar: ‘How Digital Platforms will Accelerate Sustainability Goals for Manufacturers’.

During the upcoming webinar, the two will discuss:

  • The challenges faced by manufacturers 
  • The role digital platforms play in helping manufacturers achieve their business goals while building a foundation for sustainable growth in the future
  • Current success in the industry and outline the ways in which leading manufacturers have accelerated their initiatives

Speakers at the upcoming webinar include:

Paula Doyle

Doyle is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cognite. She joined Cognite in 2018 and has a deep knowledge of industrial software and digitalisation processes in heavy-asset industries.  

Christoph Pawlowski

Pawlowski is the Senior Industry Executive, Manufacturing Industries, Microsoft Western Europe. He has more than 20 years of experience in consulting, sales and business development for manufacturing industries.

His primary expertise is in intelligence-driven, connected sales, services, aftermarket solutions and business transformation.

Scott Birch

Birch is the Editorial Director at BizClik Media Group, with 25 years of diverse international experience in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Over the years, Birch has edited daily, weekly, monthly and annual print titles, ranging from daily newspapers to glossy celebrity magazines, niche B2B magazines and luxury lifestyle publications. 
To register for the upcoming ‘How Digital Platforms will Accelerate Sustainability Goals for Manufacturers’ webinar on June 30, click here.


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