The Electric Spokes Company is taking advantage of the rising popularity of e-bikes

By Nell Walker
The increasing focus on greener travel in America has led to a surge in the popularity of electric bikes and skateboards, and New Jersey’s Electric Sp...

The increasing focus on greener travel in America has led to a surge in the popularity of electric bikes and skateboards, and New Jersey’s Electric Spokes Company is reaping the benefits.

It is the largest e-bike and e-scooter dealer in the state, drawing in customers from Maine to North Carolina since 2015. E-bike sales are expected to reach 30 million in the US this year, and as a result, the Electric Spokes Company is launching its franchise company: Voltaire Cycles.

The franchise allows entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners an opportunity to run a first-of-its-kind business in the emerging market of e-mobility. The shift of e-bikes from niche to mainstream has been bolstered further by major motor companies like Audi, Ford, and BMW getting into the electric bike design market; sales rose from $15mn in 2015 to $28mn in 2016. It is expected to be a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2025.

Voltaire Cycles offers consumers the complete package from sales to service, and no other retail franchise provides the diversity of product: "Until recently, small electric vehicles were a niche industry that would occasionally appear at big box retailers or in gadget magazines during the holidays," said Electric Spokes Company CEO, Derek Mithaug. "The ever-increasing concern about our planet, recent advances in battery and energy storage capabilities, and new designs of e-vehicles like e-bikes, and e-scooters are drawing a much bigger audience."

"If there is any doubt about what these e-vehicles are all about," says the company's Communication Director, Jamie Gilson, "we take them on a test ride. The sale is almost always made at the end of that ride. The impact of the first-ride experience is tremendous."

Franchisees are given training in the care, maintenance, and support of e-mobility vehicles, and safety is a priority for the company. "The service department is one of the most reassuring aspects for consumers who are nearing that decision to invest $1,000+ on a new e-bike or e-scooter," said COO Mark Baraniak.

The Voltaire Cycles' franchise program was developed by Franchise Creator, a Miami-based franchise consulting firm. "The franchise world is hungry for fresh ideas and innovation, and Electric Spokes/Voltaire Cycles provides a unique concept that is poised for rapid growth," said Hossein Kasmai, the CEO of Franchise Creator. "We anticipate Voltaire Cycles to quickly become one of the most desired franchise programs in the market.”


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