Panasonic Acquires Blue Yonder, Driving Smart Supply Chains

Panasonic Corporation completes its acquisition of Blue Yonder, accelerating the autonomous supply chain that is smarter and more connected

In an announcement made by Panasonic Corporation today, the company has completed its acquisition of the leading end-to-end digital fulfilment platform provider, Blue Yonder. 

Since announcing its plans to acquire all shares in April 2021, Panasonic has secured the remaining 80% of Blue Yonder’s shares - the first 20% of which the company acquired in July 2020 - the investment values Blue Yonder at US$8.5bn. 

Completing the antitrust clearance procedures and receiving approval from the regulator authorities in the US and other countries, the acquisition will accelerate both Panasonic’s and Blue Yonder’s shared vision of an autonomous supply chain. 

What Does This Mean for Panasonic and Blue Yonder

In unifying Panasonic’s sensing technologies and edge devices with Blue Yonder’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered planning, execution, and commerce solutions, the two hope to create smarter and more connected e-commerce strategies, retail stores, warehouses, transportation, and workplaces for customers. 

Offering an end-to-end solution for customers provides them with unlimited visibility, control, and orchestration for real time capabilities, superior customer experiences and deliver profitable business outcomes.

“With the increasing frequency and impact of supply chain disruptions, companies need data and visibility to make real-time operations decisions. Panasonic’s Edge technology with Blue Yonder’s AI/ML capabilities combines IoT devices and an AI-powered platform to gather and analyze data more quickly and with greater insight,” explained industry analyst Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, IDC. 

“Panasonic’s resources and Blue Yonder’s innovation will accelerate the development of the tools customers need to anticipate and prevent disruptions and breathe autonomy into their supply chains. Panasonic’s acquisition of Blue Yonder is indicative of what’s to come.” 

In April 2022, Panasonic Group will transition to a holding company system focusing on strategic businesses in key areas including supply chain innovation and automation. With this transformation, Panasonic aims to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society by being more efficient with the limited global resources. 

Panasonic plans to retain the Blue Yonder brand, with the business functioning as part of the Panasonic Connected Solutions Company. Blue Yonder’s current CEO Girish Rishi and the entire leadership team will remain at the company.

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