Sustainable Aviation: Rolls-Royce on a Journey to Net Zero

Rolls-Royce strengthens its commitments to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Committed to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Rolls-Royce has recently announced the launch of its new service, SAFinity. 

“As the leader in business aviation services we are excited about bringing our pioneering service SAFinity to the market and with Luxaviation Group we found the perfect, sustainability-focused launch partner to start at a reasonable scale. While we are also working on electrification or hydrogen technologies as long-term alternatives to fossil fuels, the use of SAF as a low-emission solution is essential to today’s decarbonisation of long-distance air travel and we actively support the ramp-up of its availability to the aviation industry,” said Frank Moesta, Senior Vice President Strategy & Future Programmes at Rolls-Royce Deutschland.

What does the Launch of SAFinity Mean for the Aviation Industry?

Initially catering for its business aviation customers, Rolls-Royce’s SAFinity service provides a flexible programme that combines independently verified sustainability projects with direct investment in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

The first of its kind programme aims to further support and accelerate the availability and use of SAF in the aviation industry.  

For the business aviation industry, SAFitinity enables customers to operate carbon neutral flights, and will be available for all business aircraft and engines from any manufacturer. The service forms part of Rolls-Royce’s wider ambitions to play a leading role in enabling the industry to reach net zero carbon by 2050. 

Rolls-Royce and Luxaviation Group

At the  virtual European business aviation convention & exhibition (EBACE Connect), Rolls-Royce and Luxaviation Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) making the group the launch customer for the new service. 

“This partnership with Rolls‑Royce is a further manifestation of Luxaviation’s corporate sustainability strategy that has seen the launch of a number of initiatives in 2021. We have been integrating sustainability into our decision-making process for a number of years already to improve our ways of operating as part of our promise to our customers and employees. We seek to continuously improve the way we do business and strive to offer a sustainable journey, both on the ground and in the air. To achieve this, industry engagement and partnerships are key to success. In this spirit, we are very proud to partner with Rolls-Royce for the roll-out their SAFinity programme for business aviation,” said Nicolas Kroll, Head of Sustainability Projects, Luxaviation Group.



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