Top 10 mobility companies

Top 10 mobility companies: Enterprise, Frost & Sullivan, Siemens Mobility, Einride, GRAB, Mobility House, WherIsMyTransport, Mobility for Africa & BVRLA

In a world that’s always moving, these Top 10 mobility companies keep wheels turning and businesses growing, shifting supplies and people from start to finish, as well as supplying data and technology needed for a growing customer base that expects efficient solutions. 

Luanda, Angola

23 employees

CEO: Kim Becker

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) opened for business in July 2012 and is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) and a partner of Harmony Network. AMS has security certificates from TRUSTe and Safe Harbor. The move management team have more than 15 years experience and are based in South Africa, across Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The team is responsible for all origin and destination coordination, throughout Africa.

The company has a European-standard warehouse in Luanda, Angola, and across the Congo in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville. Warehouses are managed with 24-hour security, fire protection, alarms and web-based CCTV, as well as on-site container handlers.

LinkedIn: Africa Mobility Services

Twitter: @afrimobilityza

Amersham, England

57 employees

CEO: Paul Parkinson

More than 970 companies responsible for vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management are represented by BVRLA, covering four million cars, vans and trucks across the UK. 

The BVRLA is working alongside policymakers, public sector agencies, regulators and multiple stakeholders, to divide the environmental, social and economic benefits to all.

The BVRLA is a leader for change in the decarbonisation of road transport and by 2025, will register 400,000 new battery electric cars and vans each year. 

In addition, BVRLA members buy up to 50% of new vehicles, including more than 80% of those manufactured in the UK, which creates 500,000 jobs and adds £49bn to the UK economy annually.

LinkedIn: BVRLA

Twitter: @bvrla


Harare, Zimbabwe 

50 employees

Managing Director & Founder: Shantha Bloemen

Across Africa, women are responsible for up to 60% of the agricultural work, in addition to managing their home. Women travel long distances for clean water - for cooking, cleaning and laundry. In rural areas, this takes up a great deal of time. 

Start up social enterprise Mobility for Africa (known as Locomotion Africa in Zimbabwe), is dedicated to creating transport solutions for rural communities which are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Mobility for Africa utilises its teams technological expertise and manufacturing skills, to build top-quality renewable electric tricycles, bicycles and small scale vehicles, designed specifically for rural areas. With Mobility for Africa, African women can save time and energy.

LinkedIn: Mobility for Africa

Twitter: @MobilityAfrica

Mobility for Africa

London, England

100 employees

CEO: Devin de Vries

Across the 30 biggest emerging-market cities, over 300m people use public transport each day. Working across Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia the industry-leading technology company WhereIsMyTransport offers uptodate mobility and location data, such as:

  • Transit Data
  • Point of Interest (POI) Data
  • Real-Time Alerts 

CEO and founder of WhereIsMyTransport, Devin de Vries, leads a team dedicated to bringing the benefits of data and technological innovation to people in emerging markets.

“Under my leadership, WhereIsMyTransport has been recognised by the International Association of Public Transport, International Transport Forum, New Cities Foundation, Financial Times, WWF, and Start-Up Tel Aviv,” said de Vries. “At WhereIsMyTransport, I’ve realised my passion for fostering technological innovation to overcome social challenges. And my belief in the potential for the Majority World to hold the world's next great creative solutions has only grown. Together, our team is making the invisible, producing the high-quality mobility and location essential for understanding movement, place, and opportunity.”​​​​​​​

LinkedIn: WhereIsMyTransport

Twitter: @mytransport


München, Germany

160 employees

CEO: Robert Hienz

At Mobility House, the aim is to build a mobility future with emissions-free energy. 

Founded in 2009, The Mobility House runs its operations across Munich, Zurich and Belmont, California. 

The international team has built a wide partner ecosystem to intelligently integrate electric vehicles into the power grid. This includes:

  • Electric vehicle charger manufacturers and various automotive manufacturers
  • 750+ installation companies
  • 65+ energy suppliers

The team recently visited an investor, SP Group, in Singapore. 

“Since 2020, we have been jointly testing the use of vehicle-to-grid (#V2G) as an option to integrate more renewable energy into the national grid,” said a spokesperson. “The reason: Singapore is aiming to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles and has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in the development of sustainable energy solutions in the transportation and energy sectors. It also aims to further advance the potential and feasibility of smart (#V1G) and bidirectional charging (#V2G).”

The end result of this project has met all of SP Group's requirements.

LinkedIn: The Mobility House

Twitter: @mobility_house

Mobility House

5. Grab

Mumbai, India

1,800 employees

Co-Founder: Pratish Sanghvi

GRAB is India's biggest tech-led logistics solution, which provides mobility support for restaurants, online grocers, retail, e-commerce platforms and - perhaps most importantly over the past two years - pharmacies.

GRAB has a vast fleet network that includes riders, three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, electric bikes and vans, covering more than 600 cities. The company is a subsidiary company of Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd.

“Grab is India's leading tech-abled logistics platform connecting businesses to their end customers in over 500+ cities,” said Co-Founder: Pratish Sanghvi. “Backed by Reliance Industries, Grab is India's largest crowdsourced platform for deliveries of food, groceries, medicines and commerce.”

LinkedIn: Grab

Twitter: @grab_india


Stockholm, Sweden

500 employees

CEO: Robert Falck

Freight technology company Einride offers end-to-end solutions for electric and autonomous shipping. Its technology is integrated using Saga, a data-driven operating system, that allows customers to decarbonise their operations and make an immediate shift to digitalised, electric road freight.

CEO Robert Falck recently held an informal meeting with transport and energy ministers from across the European Union in Stockholm.

“As the transportation and energy industries are becoming increasingly interlinked, it’s crucial to find ways to develop both sectors on the road to 2050,” said Falck. “We look forward to continuing to work together in the race to net zero.”

LinkedIn: Einride

Twitter: @einrideofficial


Munich, Germany

39,000 employees

CEO: Michael Peter

For over 175 years, Siemens Mobility has been a leader in intelligent transport solutions, with rail automation and electrification at its core. Now with a revenue of €9.7bn, the company is using new digital products and solutions to make infrastructure intelligent and more sustainable. 

CEO Michael Peter recently spoke of his pride in the company, especially in their recent achievements. 

“Thanks to Team Siemens for delivering our results to kick-off our financial year,” said Peter. “We secured our first Turnkey project in Australia with Sydney Metro ordering 12 automated and driverless 3-car metro trains plus 15 years of maintenance. We also received significant orders from around the world that will transform the way we travel in the future!”

Siemens Mobility is a separately managed company of Siemens AG

LinkedIn: Siemens Mobility

Twitter: @SiemensMobility


San Antonio, USA

2,000 employees

CEO: Darrell Huntsman

Frost & Sullivan Mobility offers global market intelligence, thought leadership and tailor-made advisory services for the freight mobility industry. Its Growth Partnership Services and workshops enable clients to pinpoint Mega Trends impacting the market, and therefore construct winning business models across Mobility, Vehicle Technology, Autonomous Driving and Connected Cars, Car Retailing and Aftermarket, Commercial Vehicles, Transport and Rail.

CEO Darrell Huntsman sees technology and education as a route to improve businesses and communities. Previously to Frost & Sullivan, Huntsman worked at Bain & Company, in strategy and operational improvement efforts and at 3M Company as a manufacturing engineer on global manufacturing improvement projects across the globe

LinkedIn: Frost & Sullivan

Twitter: @Frost_Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan

St. Louis, USA

80,000 employees

CEO: Chrissy Taylor

Enterprise Holdings is a family-owned global network, active in almost 100 countries with 1.7m vehicles responsible for taking customers and their items to their destination.

Enterprise’s mission is to make the company a truly special place to work, something CEO Chrissy Taylor is focused on.

“Like a lot of employees, I think I am always working to balance my career and my home life,” says Taylor. “I am working to be more diligent when it comes to organising my days, weeks and months so I can accomplish what I need to get done, yet still have time to do what I want to do personally and professionally.

LinkedIn: Enterprise

Twitter: @Enterprise


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