Who is UK information technology company, AVEVA?

Manufacturing Global looks at AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software

Fostering a culture of innovation, AVEVA for more than 50 years has been working with its customers to harness the power of its ecosystem to provide solutions and expertise to optimise engineering, operations, and performance

AVEVA in Brief

Founded: 1967

Headquartered: Cambridge, UK

CEO: Peter Herweck

Revenue: £820.4mn

Employees: over 6,000 in 90 locations

Shape Your Sustainable Future

Being a global leader in industrial software, AVEVA helps drive digital transformation for industrial organisations, managing complex operational processes. 

By connecting the power of information and artificial intelligence with human insights through performance intelligence, AVEVA enables its customers to make decisions faster and more precise, as well as boost operational delivery and sustainability. 

Utilising cloud-enabled operational data management, combined with software for design, engineering, operations, asset performance, monitoring and control solutions, AVEVA provides business value and outcomes to more than 20,000 global customers, supported by its industrial software ecosystem. 

“We aspire to a world where economic growth supports environmental sustainability, with better living standards for the communities where we and our customers operate. This mindset is shared by our team, and it’s why we’re committed to supporting industrial transformation, enabling our customers to realise a better future and our planet to thrive,” says AVEVA. 

AVEVA’s mission aligns with four of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals where it believes it can make the biggest impact: 

  • Clean water and sanitation (6) 
  • Affordable and clean energy (7) 
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure (9) 
  • Sustainable cities and communities (11)


AVEVA’s Approach to Sustainability

AVEVA’s approach to sustainability breaks down into three parts: 

Operational Footprint: AVEVA defines this as its efforts to demonstrate ethical business practices and manage the environmental impact of its operations. “We aspire to lead by example.”

Inclusive Culture: passionate about embracing and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for people and communities around the world. “We are committed to ensuring all our colleagues feel a sense of belonging and well-being.”

Technology Handprint: as a technological leader, AVEVA aspires to offer a positive environmental, operational and social impact with its products. AVEVA sees this as its biggest opportunity to make a positive global impact. 


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