Made Smarter Helps Manufacturers Boost Productivity & Growth

Made Smarter reaches new milestone, backing 200 manufacturing technology projects

Helping manufacturers to boost productivity and growth by harnessing digital tools, Made Smarter was launched in 2019 in the North West (UK). 

Since its launch, the programme has supported 161 businesses with £3.9mn in matched funding and has reached a new milestone of backing 201 projects, leveraging £10.5mn of private sector investments.

“Surpassing the milestone of 200 funded technology projects is a significant achievement for the Made Smarter adoption programme in the North West - and there is much more to come. Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing. Through it, the entire sector can reap endless rewards that will ultimately lead to considerable – and sustainable – growth. But upgrading to new technologies can seem like a complex and daunting task, and SMEs can miss out on significant improvements to their operations,” said Donna Edwards, Programme Director for the Made Smarter Adoption programme in the North West.

Manufacturers Adopt Emerging Technologies  

Developing projects that use emerging technologies, manufacturers are harnessing the capabilities they provide to integrate systems, capture and analyse data, and create simulations of their plants and process. Others in the industry are also using 3D printing, automation, and robotics to solve business challenges and meet increasing demands.

With this increase in transformative technology adoption, Made Smarter forecast that it will create 990 jobs, upskill 1,845 existing roles, and deliver an additional £162.4mn in gross value added (GVA) for the economy in the North West.

“Over the last two and half years we have developed a programme of wide-ranging support which cuts through the jargon to provide honest, impartial advice to help businesses identify the most effective digital tools, innovation and skills needed to make an everyday difference to their operations. I am delighted that so many manufacturing and engineering businesses of all sizes, from across all sectors, have realised the benefits of digital technology and would encourage other SMEs in the region to start their own conversation with us,” added Edwards.

Made Smarter supports Briggs Automotive Company (BAC)


The latest business to join the government-funded and industry-led programme - Made Smarter - is Briggs Automotive Company (BAC).

Based in Liverpool, the supercar manufacturer is adopting technology to drive data and systems integration throughout its operations. 

"In a world where remote working is becoming more and more prominent, being connected across the business is becoming more and more important and we are looking forward to tackling this challenge head-on and evolving off the back of it. This investment will accelerate our business goals to grow and create new jobs and upskill our current workforce,” said Neill Briggs, Co-founder of BAC.


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