Manufacturing Digital news roundup: smart supply chains

This week in Manufacturing Digital, we looked at smart manufacturing in the automotive industry, Industry 4.0 initiatives & the supply chain

Deloitte: smart manufacturing is driving automotive’s future

Laurent Becher, Principal, Strategy and Operations at Deloitte Consulting, discusses smart manufacturing, the automotive industry & digital transformation.

“As a partner for close to 10 years and leader of our Smart Manufacturing practice for the last three years, I’ve had a chance to participate in creating our service offering, expanding our capabilities, recruiting highly skilled talent, developing thought provoking eminence, serving multiple global clients to help them solve their toughest challenges, and giving back to our communities. It’s been a very rewarding role, similar in many aspects to the role of a fast-growing start-up leader.”

Revive manufacturing with Industry 4.0, says Baserow CRO

The UK manufacturing industry is still under pressure. Weak demand, geopolitically fueled inflation, raw material and insufficient staff have all impacted production according to the sector's PMI in January. A sector that is responsible for an annual output of £183bn and 2.5mn jobs has no room for excuses, says Olivier Maes, Co-Founder and CRO, Baserow.

“Leaders in manufacturing must work to improve efficiencies and close the production gap. The only way to do this is to prioritise modernisation by accelerating Industry 4.0 initiatives,” Maes says. “In this way, no-code tools will be key to creating a more resilient production sector - driving actionable insights and organisational agility.”

Accrol Group’s Oceans on paper manufacturing & supply chains

Vandita Vaidya, Technical Manager at Accrol Group’s paper manufacturer Oceans, has always viewed her Mother as her role model. 

“I have seen her work since childhood. My mother always taught me to have an individual identity, which is what my work gives me. It gives me immense pride in doing what I do, making me happier and financially independent.”

Earlier this month, Vaidya celebrated International Women’s Day - a day of reflection for the women she knows. 

“I have learned a lot from all the women in my life, including my mother, my sister, my friends, and my colleagues. They have taught me a lot, and this day is to celebrate and appreciate them, as well as all the other women out there. Whether you are a working woman, or a stay home mother, every woman deserves to be appreciated.”

Reducing Scope 3 emissions with Jeff Dewing, Cloudfm CEO

Jeff Dewing is the CEO and Founder of Cloudfm & MindsettCloudfm was established to address the deep-rooted issues and lack of transparency in the facilities management (FM) industry. 

“The industry had been using aggressive procurement techniques for the past four decades, and companies were accepting contracts they could not deliver to generate profits to survive,” explains Dewing. “Our objective was to bring about a change by restoring trust in the industry by collaborating with clients to solve problems together and keeping promises that traditional firms have historically failed to keep in the past. We changed the rules by restructuring our operations and adopting a distinct approach from the rest of the industry. This involved creating tamper-proof tech where you can't fix data or numbers - it's all about being open and honest with no hidden agendas or costs.”


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