ProGlove & topsystem Revolutionise Logistics Solutions

ProGlove & topsystem team up to elevate data capture in manufacturing. Pierre Mikaelsson, CPO at ProGlove, tells us more about innovations in automation

ProGlove has announced that it is teaming up with topsystem, a division of Ehrhardt Partner Group, to improve mobile logistics solutions. Together, they will combine topsystem’s LYDIA Voice Pick-by-Voice solution with ProGlove's MARK family of wearable barcode scanners. 

These are aimed to untether frontline workers and give them additional mobility. It is hoped that this hands-free experience will advance safety, quality and efficiency. 


Extended data capturing in manufacturing

To connect topsystem's LYDIA Voice solution with ProGlove's wearable scanning products, operators simply scan a pairing QR barcode. The combined solution helps manufacturers to complete their jobs faster, with improved data quality in processes where advanced data capture is needed. This is ideal for jobs such as picking, replenishment, sorting, inventory counting and cross-docking. 

In a previous exclusive interview, Andreas Koenig, CEO at ProGlove, met with Manufacturing Digital to discuss smart wearables, automation in Industry 4.0 and Smart Digital Factories of the future. 

“So many people talk about the promise of the Autonomous Factory but there simply is no such thing as a “Factory of the Future” without people,” he said. 

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Automation in the manufacturing sector

According to Pierre Mikaelsson, CPO of ProGlove, the role of humans in manufacturing remains essential - and will continue to be so. 

“Technological innovation and automation will undoubtedly be key drivers of progress in the manufacturing industry. In fact, they must be, because not only will we have to address critical issues such as labour shortages, but we will also have to make smarter use of the resources at our disposal. This applies to the use of energy, raw materials and most importantly, the role of the human worker. They will continue to be essential. But maybe we should start thinking about the human worker first when it comes to designing solutions, processes and operations! Because they are the ones who will make the difference at the end of the day.

“Successful technology solutions over the next decade will not be defined by their complexity but by their ability to distil simplicity from intricacy. The products that excite me the most are iterative, human-centric technologies that easily fit around workers and existing workflows.”

In an exclusive byline shared with Manufacturing Digital, Axel Schmidt, Senior Communications Manager at ProGlove, discussed the ways manufacturers can unlock efficiency and traceability within the supply chain.

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