Schneider Electric’s Acti9 Active Tailored To The UK Market

Kelly Becker, President at Schneider Electric UK&I ( Image credit: The Irish Independent)
Kelly Becker, President at Schneider Electric UK&I ( Image credit: The Irish Independent)
Acti9 Active, Schneider electric’s suite of modular circuit protection solutions is strengthening sustainability and efficiency across UK manufacturing

Earlier this year Schneider Electric announced Acti9 Active, its new modular circuit protection range that is specifically tailored for the UK market. 

Compliant with the Acti9 Isopar P distribution board, the suite of solutions is revolutionising the future of electrical installations across HMOs, higher-risk residential buildings, office buildings and care homes in the UK. 

Utilised by design firms, electricians and facilities managers, the Acti9 Active range is helping skilled professionals in the UK manufacturing field pursue greater sustainability.

This comes as the Institute for Public Policy Research has revealed that the UK has a global competitive advantage in a third of green services and products.

“With its strong manufacturing heritage, the UK is poised to harness the transformative power of the green economy,” said Kelly Becker, President at Schneider Electric UK&I 

“This also has the potential to supercharge local economies across the UK, recognising local expertise, competencies and opportunities.” 

Acit9 has been supporting UK manufacturers on sustainability journeys since it was launched in 2012.

Now over a decade later, the range of all-in-one circuit protection devices has been launched with advanced eco-friendly features. 

These include end-of-life recyclability and energy-efficient components that reduce waste during the manufacturing process. 

Acti9 Active Key Features And Benefits 

  • Comprehensive Protection

Acti9 boasts state-of-the-art circuit protection which reduces downtime by ensuring the safety of electrical installations. The line also has fault detection software which reduces the risk of series errors or outages, saving on maintenance costs.

  • Energy Efficiency

Acti9 comes with the EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, a web app that allows users to visualise notifications, insights and diagnostics of the Active Safety System. This visibility helps manufacturers to reduce overall energy consumption.

  • Smart Connectivity

Acti9 Active has a modular design that allows for easier integration with smart building solutions. This allows manufacturers to remotely manage and monitor their energy consumption via IoT connectivity, through access to trends, data and notification. 

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

The Acti9 Active range offers environmentally friendly features like end-of-life recyclability, contributing to the circular economy and allowing for greener manufacturing.

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Sustainability is a global imperative for every industry - in particular manufacturing. In the UK, manufacturers are seeking technologies that will allow them to reduce waste, enhance sustainability and improve their carbon footprint. 

“The future of energy is predicated on decarbonisation,” said Kelly. 

"Digitalisation is key to this, and at the heart of this transition lies manufacturing that can spearhead the replacement of technologies that use fossil fuels with those that run on green electricity. Long-term investment in the manufacturing industry will be critical to driving continued growth and prosperity, to help us reach our net zero goals.”


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