5 Minutes With Anvl’s Robin Fleming on Connected Factories

Robin Fleming, CEO at Anvl discusses trends in manufacturing, real time data, mobile solutions and connected factories

Who is Anvl, and what does your company provide the manufacturing industry?

Anvl is a Connected Worker Solution that captures and unlocks real-time data to help businesses improve product quality, increase worker safety, and streamline operations with a guided, digital experience. Anvl offers a single, easy-to-use platform that both frontline manufacturing workers and supervisors will actually use.

Anvl partners with customers to uncover insights that ultimately eliminate burdensome paperwork, and keep workers and managers connected. With over 90% user engagement, Anvl has collected over 8 million data points in real-time, leading to 37,000 interventions and stopped jobs, and provides in-the-moment guidance, alerts, and analytics, resulting in improved productivity, reduced costs, and time savings. Anvl’s Connected Worker Solution has helped companies like Cummins source data straight from the frontline, with the software solution used by 3,500 active users across 167 Cummins sites nationwide. 

How does Anvl use real-time data to help improve product quality, worker safety and productivity in manufacturing?

Anvl unlocks critical data by connecting frontline workers through a single, easy-to-use platform, making it easier for manufacturing companies to detect and capture insights at the earliest point possible and empower workers to make decisions in real-time to meet safety, quality and operational goals.

Anvl’s mobile-first software helps manufacturing companies source data straight from frontline workers to resolve safety, quality, and operations issues faster. Workers are guided through dynamic workflows that represent each company’s unique processes and procedures. Data captured includes direct user input and automated data. Workers provide real-time feedback within Anvl as they follow logic-based workflows. Their input keeps management informed of what’s happening and worker concerns can trigger alerts for escalation messages, helping organizations uncover issues at the earliest possible point.

Leaders benefit from real-time insights and analytics that support in-the-moment decision making and continuous improvement. Both data insights and communication capabilities in Anvl support the right conversations at the right time to avoid negative trends and yield both cost and time savings. 

What are the current trends you are seeing in the manufacturing industry?

The past year brought a significant paradigm shift to the “normal” way of working around the world. During the pandemic, there was an emphasis on the necessity to keep workers safe, product quality high, and operations streamlined. This led to an increased focus on connected worker technology and smart manufacturing, or the practice of implementing digital technologies to make manufacturing processes safer and more efficient.

Technology has been essential in keeping manufacturing operations on track, even in the face of shutdowns and pandemic roadblocks. In the last year alone, 85% of global industry executives invested in connected worker solutions and this trend will only grow in the future.

Companies that already made strides toward getting workers connected to digital resources before the pandemic were more agile and adapted better to the rapidly changing situation over the past year. They also reported improvements in operations and a decrease in operating costs. Leveraging connected worker solutions like Anvl allows manufacturing companies to remain resilient and competitive in the face of future challenges.

Overall, investing in digital solutions is the greatest trend in manufacturing; and if you haven’t done so, you’re already behind. 

What makes mobile solutions the future of manufacturing?

It’s estimated that an overwhelming 70% of businesses that have been successful with digital transformations, like implementing  a connected workforce, have done so by leveraging mobile solutions for workers. 

Anvl makes it as easy and engaging as possible for frontline workers to be connected. Mobile connected worker platforms are easy to integrate because the solution is embedded in devices that workers are already familiar with — smartphones and tablets. Even for a multigenerational workforce, mobile solutions like Anvl are easy for workers to become accustomed to using for operational procedures, daily checklists and processes.

What are the benefits of connected teams for manufacturers?

Investing in Connected Worker Solutions is crucial for manufacturing companies at this pivotal point in industrial innovation. Understanding the ROI for technology to connect and empower workers is a critical first step for leaders.

At the simplest level, a connected workforce can save manufacturing leadership teams a major budget spend on the physical items they are currently using and unlock critical data. As opposed to data that is trapped on paper, electronic forms that are not analyzed in real time, or multiple separate systems, data that is unlocked with easy-to-use technology provides leading indicators to support continuous improvement. 

Leading indicator data identified in Anvl mobile workflows provides two key avenues to proactively solve issues: in-the-moment support and real-time escalations and alerts. Instead of waiting minutes, hours, days or weeks to uncover and resolve issues, Anvl leverages data in the moment when attention is needed.

With connected worker solutions, employees can be more effective, efficient, and communicative, and therefore able to address problems as they arise or even before they occur. Taking the time to invest in Connected Worker Solutions will yield major productivity increases and overall business growth. 

What do you believe is next for the manufacturing industry over the next 12-18 months?      

With nearly 60% of the workforce disengaged with their work, it’s important to consider solutions that not only drive business performance, but also keep workers engaged. Connected Worker Solutions like Anvl empower workers to be the voice for innovation and positive outcomes, which in turn builds lasting cultural changes where the most knowledgeable employees are driving the most valuable improvements.

Frontline workers have been resilient throughout the pandemic. Now, manufacturing leaders have an opportunity to capture and leverage data for ongoing continuous improvements. In a post-pandemic world, as the market for Connected Worker Platforms grows, the manufacturing industry will continue down the path of digital transformation. Investing in Connected Worker Platforms needs to be a priority for the manufacturing industry to ensure long-term success. 


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