Seven manufacturing Twitter accounts you should be following

By Nell Walker
Twitter can be an invaluable source of breaking news and information, and keeping up with trends in the manufacturing sector is a must. Weve compiled a...

Twitter can be an invaluable source of breaking news and information, and keeping up with trends in the manufacturing sector is a must. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most informative manufacturing Twitter accounts to ensure you keep your finger on the pulse.


The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer is among the most respected publications in the industry, with an annual conference and awards ceremony which increase in popularity year-on-year. Its Twitter feed is updated with news and links regularly, ensuring that 25,000 followers are kept up-to-date.


Epicor is a business software company; its digital products are aimed at the manufacturing, engineering, distribution, and retail industries. It keeps its Twitter feed updated with blog posts, statistics, and plenty of industry news.


SME is an organisation which promotes advanced manufacturing. It is a thought leader in the sector, hosting industry events and awards throughout the year, and its Twitter account is filled with news and information aimed at its 41,000 followers.  


The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is the go-to platform for product sourcing in the manufacturing industry for America and Canada. The Twitter account is filled with useful information and links to the popular Tom’s Blog section of the website.

Industry Week

Industry Week is a business website which covers Economy, Finance, Supply Chain, Technology, Workforce, and many other sectors within manufacturing. Its Twitter feed is updated many times a day, covering trends and breaking news.

Design World

Design World is a leading resource for engineers worldwide, and its site includes articles, videos, lists of suppliers, and even offers webinars. The Twitter account offers tips, images, and useful links every day.

Quality Digest

Quality Digest promotes continuous improvement across various sectors, primarily manufacturing and supply chain, with a website full of resources and training opportunities. Its Twitter feed makes the most of advertising the informative web posts it publishes, plus breaking industry news.


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