Tan Delta's innovations support sustainability goals

Tan Delta is revolutionising oil condition monitoring & bringing environmental sustainability to the forefront of Manufacturing and Lubrication businesses

Tan Delta is revolutionizing oil condition monitoring and management. Its solutions help manufacturing and lubrication businesses to succeed in expense reduction, damage prevention and cost savings.

And with research suggesting that real time oil analysis technology could reduce oil consumption by over 12bn liters per year – the equivalent of removing 1.5m cars from the road – Tan Delta’s solutions can help organizations reduce their carbon footprints too.

Headquartered in Sheffield, England, the company was founded in 2007 and is led by CEO Chris Greenwood. Today, Tan Delta is redefining industry standards with its next generation of equipment maintenance and health monitoring, which are used in advanced real-time oil analysis to lower equipment operating costs.

Cutting-edge solutions transform oil asset management

Adopted by some of the world’s largest equipment operators, Tan Delta operates on a global scale from North America and Australia to Chile, India, Europe and Scandinavia.

Until recently, the only reliable way to know the real condition of oil in machinery was to take a sample and send it off to a lab for analysis – an expensive and time-consuming process – or by using very expensive industrial sensors and sophisticated filter systems.

But with its low cost sensors that can be fitted to any equipment to analyse and track the quality of the oil in real-time, Tan Delta’s solutions can reduce oil consumption from the manufacturing and lubrication industries by approximately 30% each year, in addition to extending equipment life and lowering the number of parts needed.

One of these solutions, Tan Delta’s SENSE-2 Plug and Play, is an oil condition monitoring kit which identifies when oil has reached the end of its life. This supersedes traditional time-based maintenance schedules, which often results in oil being discarded prematurely with the potential of wasting as much as half of its useful life.

SENSE-2 enables users to immediately secure the benefits of real-time oil condition analysis and monitoring: reduced oil use, reduced maintenance costs and pre-emptive fault detection.

Actual oil condition and remaining oil life is continuously analysed, logged and displayed in real time. Configurable analytics trigger alerts in the event of unexpected contamination and/or oil wear. This complete plug-and-play solution can be fitted to any equipment operating in any environment using any type of oil.

Another of Tan Delta’s solutions, its Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) Kit, enables workshops and mobile maintenance teams to quickly realise the benefits of Tan Delta’s oil sensor technology.

Any oil from any equipment can be sampled and tested simply and easily on-site in seconds, providing reliable scientific analysis of the oil condition, enabling accurate guidance on when to refresh and/or change oil.

The kit is built around the OQSx-G2 oil condition monitoring sensor, which, used in conjunction with the supplied MOT software, can quickly and easily determine the exact condition of the oil.

Oil asset management

Supporting sustainability goals in manufacturing and lubrication

Tan Delta's support for the manufacturing and lubrication industries offers them a way to extend maintenance intervals through real-time monitoring equipment conditions, in addition to lowering their carbon footprints and reaching their sustainability goals.

Optimizing maintenance, reducing unnecessary breakdowns all result in significant reductions in the use of oil and parts. On oil use alone a Tan Delta customer will expect to see a minimum 30% reduction in oil consumption: a highly significant step for organizations looking to meet global and corporate ESG objectives.

Chris Greenwood , CEO at Tan Delta Systems said: “Our solutions enable real-time monitoring using our world leading sensor technology and associated analytics to detect any issues before the damage occurs, identifying subtle changes in equipment condition early. It can be easily and efficiently fitted to any existing equipment in any application and is configurable to any oil type.

Tan Delta provides OEM equipment manufacturers with fully customized integrated and cost-optimized solutions. Please contact Tan Delta directly to discuss your oil condition requirements.


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