AMRC addresses future skills gap in manufacturing

By Georgia Wilson
AMRC has been appointed by the Department of Education (DfE) to address the future skills gap in manufacturing and engineering...

As part of the High Value Manufacturing (HMV) Catapult, AMRC and Nuclear AMRC have been appointed by the Department of Education (DfE) to lead a pilot scheme to address the future skills gap in key sectors including manufacturing and engineering.

The pilot scheme

Starting in march 2021, the High Value Manufacturing (HMV) Catapult - which AMRC and Nuclear AMRC are a part of - has been appointed by the Department of Education (DfE) to lead the pilot scheme which will address the future skills gap in manufacturing and engineering.

At the beginning of the year, the UK government released its Skills for Jobs White Paper, in which it established plans to transform the future of further and technical education in England.

The pilot scheme will support more flexible study for people, as well as help them to gain the skills that employers will need in the future. To do this the scheme will use the technological and industrial knowledge of the HVM Catapult in order to understand the future skills needed.

“Investment in cutting-edge skills is at the heart of our plan to reform technical education, supporting people to get the skills our economy needs as we build back better from the pandemic,” said Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary.

“This project will address the skills needed to level up productivity and drive economic growth across the country. I am delighted that this collaboration with the HVM Catapult, Institutes of Technology and Enginuity will deliver the skills needed in manufacturing both now and in the future and pave the way to ensure employers have access to the high quality-talent pipeline they will need to thrive,” added Williamson.

In collaboration with Institutes of Technology, the HVM Catapult plans to develop cutting-edge training content that focuses on new and emerging technologies. 

“There are longstanding skills issues that need addressing to ensure the continued global competitiveness of UK manufacturing. By using the HVM Catapult’s knowledge of cutting-edge innovation to build training for the manufacturing workforce, the Emerging Skills Project has the potential to transform the sector. We are extremely proud to partner with the Department for Education, Enginuity and Institutes of Technology to deliver a technical training system ready for the technologies of tomorrow’s factories,” commented Dick Elsy, CEO of the HVM Catapult.

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