Inside RealWear's Strategic Adoption of Finance Technology

RealWear's strategic adoption of finance technology is revolutionising frontline safety in manufacturing. Tipalti's Kate Wilson tells us more

Today’s frontline workers face critical challenges every day. Physical risks due to hazardous work environments, high-pressure operations, inadequate equipment and inaccessible communication channels are just a few of the prevalent issues that affect their well-being and success.

Supporting them is RealWear, a computer hardware manufacturer at the forefront of transforming the industrial workspace with technology. Offering assisted reality wearable headsets that are both safe and effective in hazardous environments, RealWear is building innovative products that combine the power of artificial intelligence with a hands-free work environment.

Through cutting-edge solutions, RealWear is tackling its customers’ challenges head-on—building a world where every frontline worker can increase productivity, remain safe and improve the quality of their work. Kate Wilson, Senior Manager and Content Marketing at Tipalti, tells us more about RealWear's strategic adoption of finance technology and its impact on frontline safety in manufacturing. 

Solutions designed to solve problems 

As the industrial industry moves away from paper-based operations, RealWear knows the importance of providing its customer base with the right digital solutions. Equally as important is their commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good.

"With frontline workers at the forefront, RealWear develops its headsets to be more than just wearables. Their products act as intelligent assistants facilitating knowledge support and providing real-time data while maintaining physical awareness of the surrounding environment," Kate says. "By turning every work site into a high-performing arena of unmatched efficiency, RealWear believes in exploring new areas of product innovation to create the safest environment possible for its customers. But, to truly achieve this goal, RealWear needed to implement a digital mindset in its own internal operations."

Redefining productivity and efficiency

Despite their external digitisation efforts, internally, the RealWear finance team found themselves entangled in the labour-intensive management of accounts payable.

Their highly manual approach not only involved making payments but also required subsequent data recording in their enterprise resource planning solution—a process that was both time-consuming and inefficient. Supplier management also further complicated matters, introducing compliance hurdles that needed careful navigation. For the RealWear finance team, these manual processes consumed most of their day-to-day workload. 

"With a focus on bolstering security, adopting an accounts payable automation solution became a necessity," Kate continues. "The finance team was looking for technology that could expedite their financial close process, streamline supplier onboarding, facilitate domestic and international transactions, and establish a unified, connected platform. The goal was clear—to find not just any solution but one that aligned with their standards and equally served the interests of their customers."

Unlocking tailored technology

By embracing automation and adopting Tipalti, RealWear yielded a remarkable increase in oversight and process transparency. Tipalti's accounts payable technology not only provided the finance team with the capability to access and dispute bills in real time but fostered a user-friendly environment conducive to the seamless approval and tracking of payments.

Implementing Tipalti also enabled RealWear to double their efficiency in managing their payables workload—a process that previously consumed an entire day each week, which was reduced to a few hours monthly.

Central to digital transformation efforts was the seamless integration between Tipalti and RealWear's enterprise resource planning solution. Now, the systems are flexible and dynamic—reducing close times, implementing seamless onboarding, executing global payments and providing a centralised source of truth for all data.

"By eliminating manual processes, the RealWear finance team significantly reduced risk and gained much-needed peace of mind—a critical step in their pursuit of internal operational efficiency," says Kate.

Setting a new standard

Today, RealWear is at the forefront of a technological revolution—it’s redefining the very nature of hands-free operations.

At the heart of their mission is the commitment to the world's frontline workers. Through groundbreaking products, RealWear will continue to bolster safety and productivity, ensuring that customers can perform their jobs with an unprecedented level of support.

Beyond the tangible benefits of its own technology, RealWear envisions a broader digital transformation. In pursuit of efficiency, RealWear will continue to elevate their finance function with the right automation solutions—leveraging technology for the greater good and paving the way for a future where every second is optimised and every worker is empowered.


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