Metalysis wows the industry by creating affordable Graphene

By Nell Walker
Metalysis Ltd., the UK-based electrochemical metal powder manufacturing technology company, has announced that its R&D unit has successfully produce...

Metalysis Ltd., the UK-based electrochemical metal powder manufacturing technology company, has announced that its R&D unit has successfully produced Graphene.

The company has synthesised single-layer sheets of Graphene and its industrial processing facilities in Dearne Valley, as well as bi-layer and low multi-layer amalgamations. The scientists therein are continuing to focus on differentiating and separating the single atom-width, highly lucrative sheets. Graphene is an incredibly strong, lightweight and conductive material which exhibits metallic properties in 2D form. It is expected to revolutionise various applications across the manufacturing industry.

Graphene has previously proven very costly to make, but Metalysis can produce the largely-inaccessible material at no additional production cost. It will pursue commercial opportunities within the Graphene space in 2017.

Dr. Dion Vaughan, CEO of Metalysis, said: “We are pleased to announce another exciting achievement on behalf of our technical team. Our proven technology can synthesise Graphene monolayers with no operational or production cost impacts on our core metal powder business.

“Producing Graphene could enable Metalysis to add new, lucrative markets to those it is already serving; markets in which our arrival could be highly disruptive when global product demand is considered against the sheer amount of Graphene we could produce in conjunction with our Gen 4, and later Gen 5 modular expansions. Gen 5, by way of illustration, envisages scaling up production capability for highly profitable niche multi-metal powders to thousands of tonnes per annum.

“We look forward to further optimising our process for Graphene production, and exploring opportunities for commercial collaboration within the coming calendar year.”


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