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By Georgia Wilson
After featuring in our Top 10, we look at how Intel is helping manufacturers apply IoT technology to drive smart manufacturing in their operations. By...

After featuring in our Top 10, we look at how Intel is helping manufacturers apply IoT technology to drive smart manufacturing in their operations.

By using connected sensors and devices at the network edge Intel helps manufacturers develop smarter manufacturing solutions to improve machine and human performance in real time, as well as passing data to the cloud for deeper analysis and insights. 

Intel also applies IoT in manufacturing to lower maintenance costs, enable new lines of business, and improve overall productivity. Intel strives to provide the building blocks for a secure and scalable smart factory that delivers intelligence for operating assets and valuable insights from data.

The four key areas intel can help manufacturers

Predictive maintenance

By harnessing networked industrial IoT sensors on the assembly line, Intel’s technology tracks key indicators of equipment wear such as vibrations and temperature to provide real time data analysis ‘at the network edge’ to pinpoint when maintenance is required, minimising downtime and costs. 

To find out more about predictive maintenance, click here!

Quality Management

Intel’s industrial IoT solutions harness data analytics, and intelligence from the supply chain to factory floor. Allowing manufacturers to detect mechanical anomalies before they can affect a product's quality. 

To find out more about quality management, click here!

Machine measuring and management

With the ability to integrate with existing equipment to collect and analyse performance data along the production line, Intel’s industrial IoT improves the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within the factory by harnessing industrial IoT sensors and intelligence devices. 

To find out more about machine measuring and management, click here!

Connected workers

By harnessing industrial IoT enabled sensors, devices and wearables, Intel’s solutions provide information to connected workers to alert workers in a smart factory to hazards and augment their performance in challenging environments to improve safety and productivity. 

To find out more about connected workers, click here!

Intel prides itself on its ability to provide a secure platform, a broad ecosystem of partners and the technical support to effectively harness industrial IoT solutions. 

To find out more about intel's industrial IoT solutions, click here!


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