Top 10: Chief Manufacturing Officers

top ten chief manufacturing officers
Manufacturing Digital celebrates our top ten chief manufacturing officers who are uplifting companies and shaping the industry

Manufacturing, like every industry, is shaped by people. Dedicated, hardworking and talented people, whose daily work has a global impact. Manufacturing is the backbone of integral societal infrastructure, from healthcare to energy to food to transportation. For this reason being a manufacturing decision-maker comes with significant risk, especially during such a transformative time for the sector.

There’s mounting pressure on leaders to implement and embrace new technologies like AI, robotics, cloud computing and augmented reality to remain competitive. In order to do this effectively, manufacturers have to contend with both internal and external challenges, assessing their own needs and upskilling the workforce whilst managing an uncertain geopolitical landscape.

It takes talent to do this. Talent and the foresight to see past upheaval and seize opportunity. Today, we at Manufacturing Digital want to celebrate the top ten chief manufacturing officers who are doing just that.

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10: Don Metzelaar, Chief Manufacturing Officer | Global Vice President at Johnson Controls

Don Metzelaar brings his lengthy experience in the manufacturing sector to his role as Vice President of Manufacturing Operations and Logistics at Johnson Controls. Having held senior roles previously at Motorola Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks and Whirlpool Corporation, he’s skilled at effective supply chain and operations management. 

In 2017 he graduated from Stanford University’s School of Business, having obtained a qualification in Executive Studies, Strategy And Leadership in Supply Chains. This is in addition to graduating from Purdue University in 1992. 

09: Attila A. Tamer, Chief Manufacturing and Operations Officer at McCain Foods
As the Chief Manufacturing and Operations Officer for McCain Foods, Dr Atilla A. Tamer helps craft and maintain the strategy of the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products. With a lengthy stint of longtime senior roles at Procter & Gamble, Dr Atilla is an industry veteran who intimately understands the complex realities of the manufacturing industry.  Dr Attila gained his doctorate in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Göttingen in 1989. Before this he volunteered with GIZ, a German organisation that helps support developing countries, assisting with the development of a wine plant irrigation system in Morocco.
08: Jorge Ramirez, Global Director of Manufacturing & Chief Manufacturing Cybersecurity Officer at General Motors

Jorge Ramirez serves in two critical roles at General Motors- as the company’s Chief Manufacturing Cybersecurity Officer and Global Director of Execution Automation.

He leads cross-functional collaboration across Global Telecom, Manufacturing Operations, GMIT and Manufacturing Engineering to execute and maintain cybersecurity controls across GM’s global manufacturing facilities.  Prior to this, Jorge managed the Assembly Verification Group where he was responsible for testing applications and creating the End-of-Line manufacturing processes for General Motors. He was also in charge of the North American Execution Machinery and Equipment Group. In 2003, he was awarded an MBA focusing on finance and corporate strategy from the University of Michigan. He now serves on the  Industry Advisory Board of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. Jorge also went to the Indiana Institute of Technology to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

07: Andrea Antichi, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Ferrari
Andrea Antichi has served as Ferrari’s Chief Manufacturing Officer since January 2022, after serving as the manufacturer’s Head of Vehicle for five years. He has decades of experience with Ferrari’s manufacturing operations, spending six years as their Engine Assembly & Machining Process Engineering Manager and four years as their Head of Engine Assembly and Machining. Andrea joined Ferrari in 2006, after working as a researcher in Computational Biomechanics at Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli and holding technical roles at Piaggio. He has a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pisa and was awarded the Ferrari Corporate Executive MBA from the Bologna Business School.
06: Elizabeth Nagel, Chief Manufacturing Transformation Officer at Michelin
Elizabeth Nagel is Michelin’s Chief Manufacturing Transformation Officer for Americas, bringing her previous experience influencing manufacturing strategy at Corning Incorporated. She has a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. In her position, Elizabeth helps Michelin achieve success through its strategy of manufacturing and sourcing products near the point of sale. She brings her expert insight and experience to decision-making concerning supply chain management, sustainability, manufacturing logistics and digital transformation.
05: Paul S. Lavoie, Chief Manufacturing Officer at the State of Connecticut

Paul S. Lavoie represents more than the interests of a company. As the Chief Manufacturing Officer of Connecticut, he advocates for the needs and advancement of manufacturers across the entire US state- considered by many the Silicon Valley of advanced manufacturing. Appointed to the role in 2022 by Governor Ned Lamont, Paul has helped manufacturers grow business, strengthen collaboration across state agencies and secure essential governmental support and funding. In this vein, he provides insight and direction for Connecticut’s Manufacturing Innovation Fund, which supports programs designed to help upskill the workforce and support industry innovation.

Paul has a comprehensive background in the manufacturing industry, serving as General Manager for Carey Manufacturing in Cromwell and Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources at ETTER Engineering Company in Bristol. In 2022, he was named one of Greater Hartford’s Top 50 Power Players by Hartford Business Journal Later this November Paul will be one of many speakers at Manufacturing Digital LIVE, a virtual conference connecting the world’s manufacturing leaders.

With exclusive one-to-one meetings and workshops with senior executives, it’s an experience not to be missed for those passionate about networking whilst learning about the global manufacturing industry. At Manufacturing Digital, we are always on the lookout for industry leaders looking for opportunities to share their insights or embrace our sponsorship opportunities.

04: Ko van Belois, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Perfetti Van Melle
Now Chief Manufacturing Officer at Perfetti Van Melle, Ko Van Belois started at the company as a Technician in 1984. Gaining vital experience in overseeing supply chain digitisation and transformation, manufacturing advancement and international engineering projects, Ko Van Belois expertly leads Perfetti Van Melle’s manufacturing strategy.  Ko Van Belois studied a Top Executive Food Program from EFMI Business School at University Groningen, in addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration from HZ University of Applied Science in Business Administration, Management and Operations.
03: Olivier Krotoszyner, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Johnson Matthey
Oliver Krotoszyner is the Chief Manufacturing Officer at Johnson Matthey, bringing his manufacturing experience from previous positions at Johnson Matthew and the Albemarle Corporation. Skilled in chemistry, business management and manufacturing strategy, Oliver holds a degree in Business Administration, Foreign Trade & International Marketing from EPHEC and in 2019 took an Executive Leadership Course at the Center for Creative Leadership Centre for Creative Leadership.
02: Tadeu Nardocci, SVP and Chief Manufacturing Officer at Novelis
Prior to his role as Chief Manufacturing Officer at Novelis, Tadeu Nardocci served as the company’s European branch’s Senior Vice President and later President from 2009 to 2003. During this time he helped revitalise the company’s regional business, through smart manufacturing initiatives, which included closed-loop recycling agreements with automotive customers and increasing focus overall on the market.  Before this he also served as Novelis’s Senior Vice President of Innovation, Technology and Strategy. Born in Brazil, Nardocci began his career as a rolling process engineer at manufacturer Alcan’s Utinga Brazil plant. He has a degree in metallurgy from the University of São Paulo and attended post-graduation courses in business administration in Brazil and the United States.
01: Jeannine D'Onofrio, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Aritzia

Jeannine D’Onofrio is the Chief Manufacturing Officer for Aritzia, drawing on her experience in previous manufacturing roles at JAD Global Business Strategies, LLC, VF Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger.  She has a degree in Executive Management and global Leadership from The Wharton School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The William Paterson University of New Jersey Speaking in PHV's video ‘Show Up And Be You!’ for International Women's day, Jeannine had this to say. "The best advice I could give anyone, including women in this industry is to show up and be you,” she said. "Be the best version of yourself, always reach your hand backwards and see how you can pull someone else forward. By giving advice, by teaching them something you know that they need to carry them forward.”


So here's the list of our top ten chief manufacturing officers. People with significant experience, talent and skill who are using their roles to embrace and channel the transformative technologies and trends in manufacturing today. We look forward to seeing how they continue to reach their hands back in the industry, helping to pull people and companies forward. 


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