Manufacturing news roundup: automation, ESG & AI

This week at Manufacturing Digital, we looked at sustainable manufacturing at AspenTech, Sophos shared its knowledge on ransomware & much more

Blake Moret, CEO of Rockwell Automation

Blake Moret became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rockwell Automation in 2016. In his role, he leads productivity and sustainable initiatives across the biggest industrial automation and information company in the world. 

At Rockwell Automation, the mission is to accelerate the quality of life through more efficient production, smart manufacturing and sustainable options. An investment in Rockwell Automation’s technology is an investment in the future of manufacturing.

Moret’s vision for one project, The Connected Enterprise, is to use information to assist industrial companies in their productivity. “Manufacturers are looking for new ways to leverage technology to reduce their environmental footprints,” says Moret.

AspenTech’s Ron Beck on sustainable manufacturing & AI

Today, a lot of young, talented professionals entering the workforce are ranking the purpose of the company they might work for as a strong element of their career selection process.

Ron Beck, Senior Director at AspenTech, is aware that for manufacturing companies, this translates into young workers understanding their company’s drive around sustainable manufacturing and sustainable products. 

“Manufacturing commitments to zero carbon, circularity, and the digitalisation that enables them are proving to be a powerful driver in recruiting the next generation into jobs where they can make a difference,” says Beck. 

iBASEt’s Rashpal Mundi on the risks of outdated technology

Many of the most notable changes to the manufacturing industry over recent years relate to Industry 4.0. As manufacturers embark on their digital transformation journeys, new software, devices, and robotics have completely transformed the way manufacturers operate. The rapid influx of technologies and new processes has forced manufacturers to implement new methods and procedures, often relating to the way they manage and utilise data.

Rashpal Mundi, Senior Partner Manager for iBASEt EMEA, shares how the manufacturing sector is changing and the danger of outdated technology.

Ben Henderson, Intelex Technologies, on ESG & sustainability

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is undoubtedly one of the hottest business topics in the manufacturing sector. With increased scrutiny from regulators, investors and the public, ESG has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. Meeting ESG targets is now business-critical for many organisations, which is where software development company Intelex Technologies comes in. 

Intelex is a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality management (EHSQ) software. The company has developed powerful digital solutions to help organisations in industries around the world deliver on their ESG commitments and sustain their compliance with international EHSQ standards and regulatory requirements. 

“At Intelex, we’re committed to driving forward our own ESG efforts and improving our sustainability initiatives, playing our part in helping meet our net-zero goals to create a more sustainable future,” says Ben Henderson, Head of Product Solution Consulting at EMEA Intelex Technologies. “We know first-hand the importance of being able to evidence actual delivery on these promises in real and meaningful terms to all our stakeholders – our leaders, our people, our clients, our supply chain partners – demonstrating compliance, accountability and transparency.”

John Shier, Senior Security Advisor at Sophos, on ransomware

John Shier is the Senior Security Advisor at Sophos. Here, he discusses ransomware and the results of Sophos’ ‘State of Ransomware in Manufacturing’ report.

“I'm usually a Senior Security Advisor for the press, but what that really means is I work in the office of the Chief Technology Officer as a liaison as well as those of all the different research groups within the organisation,” Shier explains. “We have our Sophos labs that do threat research, our Sophos AI team, an anti-exploit team, and our MDR group, which generates intelligence through the activities that they do monitoring our customers' environments. A subset of that is the Rapid Response Group, which is our Incident Response Investigation Group.”


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