Manufacturing Digital news round up: batteries & net-zero

This week in Manufacturing Digital, we looked at sustainable textile manufacturing, battery packs & net-zero commitments

Sustainable Fair Trade manufacturing at Peak Design

Annie Nyborg is the Sustainability Director at Peak Design. In her role, she oversees all of Peak Design's social and environmental efforts. 

“If we destroy our planet, it'll be pretty tough to do business,” says Nyborg wryly.

Peak Design has invested significant resources into its ‘Tier One’ facilities to ensure compliance of its high social and environmental standards. 

“Our goal is to continue working through our supply chain tiers to implement these standards throughout, but it is going to take time and significant resources.”


IONETIC opens up the supply chain route to electrification

Niche automotive companies are currently not well served by the current market options for battery packs. What’s more, the options that do exist right now are either very expensive, the minimum order quantities are set too high or the engineering optimisation isn't good enough. This leaves specialised automotive companies with a bad product or a product that has no business case. 

This year, James Eaton, became the CEO and Co-Founder of IONETIC, a battery pack technology company focusing on both design and manufacturing of battery packs, specifically for niche automotive companies.

The business has developed a bespoke battery pack design platform, which can automatically generate designs according to multiple fully adjustable parameters in a matter of days – helping automotive manufacturers strike an efficient balance between cost and customisation.

“We looked holistically at the whole problem to work out: how do we actually provide good engineering solutions that are cost effective?”


Renewable energy and Ericsson’s net-zero commitment

Ericsson is one of the world’s leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Communication Service Providers. The company works hard to ensure that consumers and enterprises experience the full potential and value of connectivity through the creation of technology and services that are both adoptable and scalable. 

Jens Erler is a IoT Client Principal at Ericsson and is more than qualified for the role. 

“My expertise lies in cellular connectivity, digital industry transformation and business model innovation,” Erler explains. “I have more than 25 years of experience across different industries leveraging IoT connectivity to accelerate digital transformation and sustainability.”


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