News roundup: engineering, security & new technologies

Manufacturing news roundup: getting a new generation into engineering, building security, how new technologies are impacting the sector & 2023 predictions

Berk Birand of Fero Labs on 2023 manufacturing predictions

Berk Birand, co-founder and CEO of Fero Labs, shares his 2023 predictions for the manufacturing sector, including energy prices & new technologies.


ScreenCloud’s Mark McDermott: manufacturing & new technology

Mark McDermott, CEO and co-founder of ScreenCloud, discusses the seasonal challenges manufacturers face, deskless workers & 2023 technology.


Inspiring a new generation into engineering & manufacturing

Across 2022 the engineering sector saw a worker shortage. Here, we’ll explore how to inspire students and professionals to become the engineers of tomorrow.


Enabling security & compliance in the manufacturing sector

Rod Simmons, Vice President of product strategy at Omada, discusses securing third-party access, enabling security & compliance in manufacturing in 2023.


Featured Articles

How BP is reshaping the manufacturing landscape

Renewable energy, AI & sustainable initiatives are all on bp's manufacturing spectrum. Hear more from bp’s Ulrich Angeli at Manufacturing Digital LIVE

Embracing Factories of the Future at Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore pioneers 'Factories of the Future' with the help of robotics, AI & IoT says Alpesh Patel, of HMGICS

Manufacturing's GenAI journey - cost savings & security

Ryan den Rooijen, COO at Appsbroker & CTS, discusses GenAI survey, highlighting what manufacturing leaders want GenAI to do, from cost savings to security

The future of women in the manufacturing industry

Sustainability & ESG

The future of Tech & AI in the manufacturing industry


Tan Delta's innovations support sustainability goals

Sustainability & ESG